Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm not slackin! Honest!!
I still have more pics to share... and more hooking tidbits for you. But my free time has become very limited.
In an absolute whirlwind since getting back from camp, my friend and I made the final (difficult) decision to open a little shop! Yes the economy is extremely precarious. Yes, I'm probably completely NUTS. (Yes, even I think so! lol) And yes, we are doing it anyway! And yes... i'm a massive bundle of emotions right now!! Scared to death, anxious, excited, full of ideas, overwhelmed, hopeful... you name it!
Now on the positive side... we are not opening our own full shop front. We are subleasing a room in an antique shop... in one of the most homey, upbeat historical towns, where there are many eclectic shops and antique shops... all just soo unique... white lights in the trees... quaint sidewalks, old homes... lots of community activities... and pretty much THE PERFECT shopping district for those that love fun unique and antique stuff! You know that rant... "location, location, location!!" ? This is IT. LOL You park and then walk from shop to shop, stop at a cafe for lunch, and then continue on your quest for the perfect piece!
We will be offering rug hooking classes... wool, patterns and all that good stuff AND finished pieces. My partner makes some of the most amazing jewelry and sculpture, and is a hooker extraordinaire! I am a fiber artist... love to sew, hook, stitch and create. We're hoping to open up more textile interest and present high quality HANDMADE goods to those who have never been exposed to them. So... with a hope and a prayer... here we go!!!! :D
We will be opening on the 20th!! So that said, if i'm not around much, you'll know it's because i'm running so fast all you'll see is a blur!!! LOL
Say a prayer for us!!

I'm almost finished stitching this pillow top. Just missing one more flower and the bird's eye. :)I hand sewed all the wools and cottons on a vintage piece of gorgeous linen, and will be backing the pillow with wool. This is a darling design out of Maggie Bonanami's new book "With These Hands". I needed to stitch and not think! And this was perfect!!

And this is what's currently on my frame :) Hoping to get this done by tomorrow night... lol.. we'll see how that works out! I just love the dark rich neutral colors!! mmm-mm GOOD!! There's such a warmth about them that just makes me want to curl up on/in it and take a snuggly little nap! And i know some of you out there are saying.. "there's color in that rug???" LOL Isn't it funny how differently color affects us all?

Ok... this hooker's gotta get her groove on!! Soo much to do, in a pathetically small amount of time! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed week!

xo Bren :)


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Congratulations, Bren, on your new adventure!! I'm excited for you! All will be well ~ just you wait and see!!

TamboinMO said...

Oh Bren~
Girl, hold on to your hat, because I have a feeling you are in for a wild ride!!! Once people see your stuff they will be clamoring for more, More, MORE and wanting to learn, learn, learn!!!!

You are SO gonna LOVE IT!!!
Much luck to you and your bud!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Congratulations! Oh, I wish you both MUCH success! I applaud you for just "doing" it. One will never know unless they try. I will keep you both in my prayers, and I hope more and more people will start appreciating and purchasing hand made. I'm sure you wil do great!Love the pillow top and your pennies. Great pieces..

katie said...

Way to go on the new shop. You will do great. It is tiring and refreshing all at the same time.
Best wishes to you and I pray God blesses you in this endever. Oh my I don't have spell check.

primitive woolen

Plumruncreek said...

Bren~I just got With These Hands. Love it!! You did a great job.

Plumruncreek said...

PS. Congrats on your new venture!! Sounds like fun!

Sherry said...

Wishing you ALL the best with your new venture Bren!!!!
How exciting for you & the location sounds like it's set for success!!!!
Hope will be seeing pictures of your new shop soon!!!!!

Tammy said...

Congratulations...May God Bless you abundantly in your new adventure!


Jacque said...

Brenis...well, you know what I think, but I wanted to add a comment here for posterity. Your little shop within a shop will be so successful, you won't be able to believe it! With God's blessing, how could you miss???