Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Few More Pics From Camp

Good morning!
I'm dragging a bit this morning... so thought i would nurse my coffee a little longer and putz on the computer a bit before getting my hiney in gear and back to work! I wanted to finish up the pics of the campers... and at some point in the future, I hope to focus in and share a few of the things I learned from Jule. :)
But first, THANK YOU ALL for your wonderful comments, emails and phone calls regarding opening the shop!!! You have nooo idea how much your comments mean to me! Running on overload (brain as much as body) lately, and i was starting to slump.. probably just out of pure exhaustion. lol But your comments and encouragement have lifted me back up and given me the motivation and energy to keep pluggin away!! Thank you thank you!!! :)
Here is the in progress rug from Lori M. She's working on the big Sally Kallin design that you saw in an earlier post that Jenny had hooked. What a FUN design!!
And since i am on (what seems like an eternal) a quest to hook better flowers, i love seeing close up pics of what other people do. It really helps me! I am able to look at it and immediately know if it settles nice, color combos are good, or not good.. etc. But then picking it apart as to WHY it works, because apparently hookin them flowers does not come naturally to me! LOL - see the penny rug in the last post? Low contrast. That's how MY flowers normally come out!! haha! So this is how i learn! Mebbe some of you do also? This is Lori :) And this gorgeous rug is one that Lori hooked and brought. I have NO idea who's design this is?? But it sure is STUNNING!!!! (yes Kathy, even though it's pink! LOL) I had a couple email requests to show my pineapple rug and beaver rug that i brought. Soo close to being finished.. just need to hook in the corners of this one! This is the Beaver Valley rug finished. Kinda catty whompus in this pic. Both these designs are available through me if they inspire you :) And last, but definitely NOT least... this is Dixie! :) I absolutely adore this woman, and am very blessed to call her friend! I think this is a terrific picture of Dix!!
She is the lady who has put together these awesome camps for the last 8 years. It takes tons of time, commitment and energy - and she does it all for the love of others and the love of rug hooking! She has brought together a wonderful group of women, and taught them to hook, supplied them with wool, and encouraged them all the way.
And Dixie is an amazing primitive hooker! Her rugs are wonderful!! Her home is always open and inviting... decorated with early pieces, hooked rugs and quilts, and she definitely has the gift of hospitality! (I could move in in a heartbeat! LOL) Talk about a talented lady!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU to you Dixie, for all you do!!!

And now it's time to jump start this body back into action! ugh... seriously draggin today!! But Danny's bringing the big display units down to the shop today, and tomorrow i start bringing things down to fill them up and getting things in there! Holy cow. Wish I could squeeze a few extra days worth of time into today!! LOL!!

Hope you have beautiful day, filled with God's gorgeous fall colors, and full of His love!!

Blessings, Bren :)


Sheri said...

Bren, thanks again for sharing your pictures so the rest of us can see what we missed!

danasmith said...

This just makes me even more excited about my camp in January!!! Do you have this camp each year?? Can I come next year?? smile That ship/flower rug is awesome...I love the flowers. Come to think of it I've never hooked a flower. I'm putting that on my resolution list for 2009! Hope you're all rested up!
Dana in VA