Thursday, October 9, 2008

Camp Pics #3

I'm going to try not to "talk too much" on this post! LOL
We'll see how that works out! :D
This is Colleen :) This is Colleen's in progress rug from camp. They decided to do a log cabin border... a revolving log cabin... i can't remember the name of those?
This rug is an absolute hoot!!! This was Gail's rug - and i didn't get a pic of her either!! Sheesh... where was everyone when i was taking those pictures? I think that whole corner of the room left early on Weds! Ok.. Gail... is an absolute RIOT! She cracked me up the entire camp! She's from Minnisota... and she hearts bright colors. Some of the things she picked up, i wouldn't have touched with a ten foot pole, much less danced in happy excitement as she did!! hahaha!! But boy oh boy did i learn a HUGE lesson on this one!!!!!!!!!!
The fact that this ALL worked TOGETHER for the greater good just kind of blew me away! LOLOL!!!
(ok.. side note... i am one of those that HAS to know WHY!!! I need to know why it works! So i analyze till i figure it out! lol)
Check out all those colors... check out the values here! They are all high chroma (high color intensity) wools... but they are also all dark mediums to dark values. (exctpt the highlights in the horse) Even the golds are a dark medium value... not spaztic neon! They are all "primitive colors" - well... with the exception of that neon turquoise! (LOL - and trust me.. in person it IS neon!! hahaha!) Which is the spark of "bright" that gives the whole rug a different personality!
They are all pretty muted or "dirty" colors - not primaries. So they all work! And voila, you have an amazingly FUN primitive rug with tons of color!
Gail has an amazing eye, pulling these colors together in this way! And what's so funny is I think this ended up being my favorite out of all the rugs being worked on!! Probably just because it's soo quirky and fun - and it represented Gail's personality perfectly!! LOL!!!
Next is Connie's rug. And shoot... i even stayed with Connie and didn't take her picture!! (ok shoot me. lol. most of the time i forget about my camera until something sparks the need to take a picture, and usually i don't even have it with me! lol)
This darling rug is produced by Jane Augenstein - Liberty Homestead Rugs... it's a reproduction of an old bed rug in the kopp book.
Connie really waffled back and forth with this background color. I LOVE it!!! LOL as did the rest of the students! So we outvoted Connie and made her keep it!
It looks soo rich and velvety in person! She is going to do hit or miss lambs tongues all the way around.. pulling alot of that blue from the center medallion outward. She also changed those two smaller cirlces, to having that blue in themiddle of the doughnuts, and that changed the entire look! This is going to be sooo fantastic when it's done!! Connie promised to send me a pic when she finishes it, and I'll share it with you guys when she does! :)

Here is a rug that Connie did a year ago, Emma Lous Antique Floral runner... it has a gorgeous chocolate brown background that really makes it sooo warm! (this is the same design that was shown yesterday of the in progress rug from Jenny) This is Eileen. :) She is just darling!!! I love her!! Here is Eileen's rug in progress. It is Legioneer Duo (i'm sure i hacked the spelling on that!!) from the Woolley Fox. She's using awesome old blacks and greys and browns - gonna look soo awesomely old when she's done!!!! This is a rug that Eileen displayed this year. I think this is her own design?! And sadly... this is where i would insert several of the other wonderful rugs at the show.... but THIS is how most of them turned out!!!!! whaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Dumb sun!!

This is Patty from Minnesota :)
This is the gal I told you about a little yesterday... She is Jackie and Jenny's mom, and she got her girls hookin - and now they all get together at camps! So fun!!
This is Patty's in progress rug. Again, i had problems with the sun, so cut this one down so you could see.
Just LOOK at that dog and cat!!!!!! Don't you just LOVE them????!!!!!
Now... this is also an antique design... you can see it in the kopp book... and i'm not sure who produced this?? I "think" Rhonda Manley - Black Sheep Designs.
I'm not partial to the one in the kopp book... but i AM very partial to how Patty is hooking this!! It's going to be awesome!!! She's going to have a soft tan/taffy background, and dark hit or miss border. I can't wait to see this one finished!!!

And I believe this is one of Patty's finished rugs.

And last but not least today... this is Gillian's rug. I just met Gillian for the first time, and fell in love with her! She is british, (love her accent!!!) with a spunky personality and an easy smile! Again... no pic. grr. She's doing a blue sky and a dark red border. It'll be a fun Christmas rug!!

That's it for today! Hope you're enjoying the in progress stuff, and i'm not boring you to tears!! LOL

Have a blessed day, and enjoy the fall air! :)

ps... ok... so i didn't do so well "not talking much" !! Sorry bout that!! LOL


Trudy said...

Loving, loving, loving the pictures of 'camp' Bren. Looks like you had a great time and had wonderful weather as well:)

Lots of ideas from those pics, thanks for blogging about it. If you can't be there, then pictures and stories are the next best!

Plumruncreek said...

Bren~ All the rugs are so nice. Thanks for sharing!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You're definintely not boring us ~ I love seeing other people's rugs ~ and I love Jule Marie's big smile in every picture!
Thanks ~

Lori said...

This looked like a fantastic camp Bren. Thanks for all the inspiration. I've enjoyed every minute of your writings and pictures.

Lori R

Sherry said...

Thanks Bren for sharing the fun.I check every morning on my blog to see if you've updated yours & then I make a bee line over here to see the new stuff!!!
Thanks Again!!!

jane augenstein said...

Hi Bren! Wow, nice to see my rug pattern there, thanks! I hope you get the finished rug picture to share; I can't wait to see how she finished the colors she chose.