Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quilty pictures!

Some fun quilty pictures!
Ok, several things to show you today! :) 
(someone remembered her camera! lol)
My long awaited DQS quilt came!! Yay!! Isn't this adorable??! 
Sorry the lighting was so poor - it was dark and snowing outside, but I couldn't wait to get a snapshot of it and thank my partner!
As soon as I decide where I'm hanging it, I will get a better shot! Isn't it just too cute? Well worth waiting for!! I love the texty fabric - and how she incorporated little black hexies (also text fabric)  and those eye glasses!! LOVE!! :)   And the center... just perfect! Bright, and cheery and HAPPY!! I love swapping, it's so much fun! This was made by Solidia (modernsewl on flikr) - Thank you again Solidia! <3 p="">

Onto other news, back in October (?) I started quilting for other people. And can I just say... I'm loving it? :)
Yes, I still get a bad case of nerves occasionally... thinking what have I gotten myself into? lol But for the most part, I am truly enjoying it! (And yes.. it makes me want a long arm even more! ha! But that's not going to happen in this decade!)  So work with what you have, right? 
I thought I would show you two quilts I recently finished for a customer during my introductory special (which was extended through Feburary). She brought me three darling quilts, and I thought I'd show you two of them.... 
This one she made for a friend's daughter(?) that had just redone her room in pinks and browns.. all the fabrics had a parisan theme, so I girlied it up even more with large swirls and feathers  in the large middle blocks and all the way around the borders :) This was a twin size, but it's laying on my table so you can only see a portion of it.

One of the other ones she brought me... 
This one was super fun and hell all at the same time! lol
Can you see why?

Originally I was just going to stitch in the ditch around the star blocks, and free motion daisys in the blue portion. But once that was done, it was obvious we couldn't just leave it like that! lol! 
Also she had suggested a whole daisy theme if I could manage it... and maybe outline a few of the daisys in the border...

 No, it's not perfect. But it turned out darn cute!! In the photo below, you can see, I stopped to check how things were looking, and took a quick snapshot. You can see down there on the border to the left - is not quilted, and to the right all the daisys have been stitched - it really made them pop, and they were soo 3 dimensional! It wouldn't have looked right if I had only done a few!
 See what I mean? ^^^ The top was stitched in turquoise thread, and the back was done in a lime green. It was fun fun fun!! I gotta say, I love free motion quilting!! I really do!! And it goes pretty quickly. But, give me a walking foot and straight lines (don't get me wrong - I love the way straight lines LOOK!) but holy cow they take a long time!!!  (*ahem..Dan.. if you're reading this.. straight lines are a lot lot lot faster on a long arm! lol just sayin!)
LOL... sorry ladies! I just figured he might want to know! :)

And last but not least, this is a baby quilt I made... I'm not really thrilled with it. (and no, it's not puke green, that's just how my lovely camera sees it! lol It's kona celery)
I quilted it in bubbles and waves around the bubbles. I tried a new technique on this, and while it wasn't perfect, I was able to work out the kinks  in my theory and make it work pretty smoothly!
Now I just need to bind it :) I'm hopeful that it will look way more awesome after being washed! 

And while I'm quilting away, do you know who's always by my side?
Ms. Dorkus Maximus!
She loves to "carpet swim"!  And she makes the funniest noises and grunts and groans while she's doing it, and as soon as I turn my head to look at her, she immediately looks at me and smiles! 
Which in turn makes me laugh. Every. Time.!

And then she flips right side up and give me a cute face :)
ayup. I love her. Dork or not! :)
How can you not love this face??

Ok, that's all i have today! 
I'm working on a couple more customer quilts, and just thought I'd give my shoulders a little break :)
Hope you have a great day!
Bren :)


Rugs and Pugs said...

Love your free motion quilting or whatever you call it, especially on the first quilt. You really need to sweet talk the hubster in to a long arm. I can't imagine what you could do with that!
Hugs :)

Rugs and Pugs said...

P.S. Sweet furbaby, too :)

WoolenSails said...

Your quilting is wonderful and you are brave, I would be scared to do anyone else's but I don't care if mine are messed up, lol.


Needled Mom said...

You'll be a pro when you get that longarm!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Your quilts are stunning and your dog is adorable!

jeifner said...

Really great quilting.