Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend of Blessings

Good Morning!
Still no pictures! Sorry 'bout that!
Although I'm not sure what I would put a picture of here even if i could? LOL Probably pics of lots of amazing women that I met this weekend!
The women's conference was tons of fun and totally exhausting! lol
It was incredibly organized, down to the minute! And my 14 year old son was right. It did me a LOT of good! :D
I was absolutely blessed to be surrounded by my girlfriend's large family this weekend. They think of it as their girl's weekend away, and all her sisters, and their grown children, and her mom come - and turn it into one big slumber party! Full of laughter, 10 conversations going at once, ,snacks, reminiscing, sibling rivalry, and more laughter :) And each one was comfortable in who they were, in their own skin and so REAL. I loved them immediately! :D
Yes, my weenie shyness was still there, but it eased up after the first day - how could it not when you are surrounded by such loving accepting kind people?!
The conference sessions and lessons were great! And oh boy did they feed us! ugh. too much!! :)
God is soo good!
I feel like He reeled me back in, and put me back on the path where i need to be. He gave me new direction, and renewed hope. And He gave me a word. BE INTENTIONAL.
And ya know... i just gotta say... when God speaks to you, well... at least when He's spoken to me.. it's always been short, sweet and succinct! But you know in every cell in your body what He is referring to! There is no doubt. No questioning - did He mean this? or that? Ok, maybe I need to rephrase that. LOL As there have been many many times I have questioned, and not understood. But that is usually when i am asking for an answer, and sometimes the answer isn't all too clear! BUT, the times He has told me to do something, it is always loud and clear!
a few examples... short, but very clear! And sometimes intimidating!! LOL! But even in the shortness of the command, the Holy Spirit infuses you with complete knowledge as to what he's referring to. Right?
Well, BE INTENTIONAL covered a whole lot of bases!
First and foremost, i need to be intentional in my teaching of my children, my parenting in Christ. This is a place that i feel i fall down a lot! Not being raised in a Christian home, not having examples of how to rear my children in the word of God. We DO... don't get me wrong. It's just not consistent, and I don't always feel like i'm doing it "right". I know i could be sooo much better at it, but just dont know how! So anyway.. He said it all. I need to be intentional in my teaching! :)
I need to be intentional in my walk with Christ.
I haven't been for the last several months. I've let everything else get in the way!
And last but not least, I need to be intentional in developing covenant friendships/fellowship with other women in Christ.
We NEED relationship. First with Him, and then with others.
Going to a big church, that's the first thing that goes missing! And unless you intentionally set out to find a group of women to do bible study with, pray with, laugh with, you never will!
And I haven't. And He showed me this weekend what i've been missing! Loud and clear.
So was this weekend good? Oh yes.
Am I glad i went? Oh my gosh, yes!
Was I blessed? Absolutely!! :)
Did I get the rest i needed? Heck no! LOL!!
Am i complaining? Absolutely NOT! :D
I can sleep any time! :D
Speaking of which - I need to go jump in the shower and get ready to go! My mom is having surgery on her knee this morning. She tore her meniscus a couple months ago - long story as to why the surgery is just now happening, so i wont go into it! Please say a prayer for the surgeons, and for her swift and complete healing!! Her name is Toni. :)
Thank you friends!! Thank you for your encouragement, your love & your friendship!! I am so lucky to know you!!


Julia said...

Hi Bren, I'm glad that you had a rejuvenating weekend and made lots of new friends and got direction in your life.

I will keep your mother Toni in my prayers. I hope that she heals quicly from her surgery. Have a great day. JB

Chelle (Dana) said...

Brenis, I am so glad you had such a wonderful, reflecting weekend. You already sound so much better and uplifting. I have sent prayers for the surgeons and your mother for a successful surgery and will keep Calli in my prayers as well. Trusting in the Lord can do wonders for you. I also forget that at times and need to work on that more, as I have been letting Doug's retirement start working on me. Thanks for the uplifting post and for grounding me too. He works in mysterious ways and wonderful ways. Many hugs coming to you and your family.

ihook2 said...

Oh Bren, just loved your post. I can feel the love of Christ pouring out. So glad you had such an awesome weekend. Will keep your mom in my prayers.

Courtney said...

Your post spoke right to me today. I just had a conversation with my brother where we both were more or less saying that we needed to be more intentional with our faith. Uncanny! But, that's the way it works, right? I'm so glad you got to partake in such an uplifting conference. Like you, I also want to find a resource of women and build friendships and it's hard when we're shy! But, you have encouraged me to take more leaps!

Keeping both your mom and daughter in prayer!