Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A MUST Read Book!!

I just picked this up yesterday, and finished it last night.
This is an amazing recount of a visit to Heaven, by a four year old little boy!
It's a quick, easy read, and you won't want to put it down! PLEASE take the time to get this and read it!! You won't be sorry you did! And i'm guessing you will want to buy copies for everyone you know! LOL!!
My mom's surgery went smoothly, and she is recouperating nicely! Thank you for your prayers!! While she was in surgery, I ran next door to the walmart to pick up a few things and saw this book. That yellow cover and the little boy is what caught my eye :) Once i picked it up and read the back, I knew I HAD to read it! LOL My Mom is next in line for my copy, then my husband, then my daughter Calli wants to read it, and I'm hoping I can get my 14 yr old son to read it also!
Colton's (the little boy on the cover) recount of Jesus, and Heaven is unlike anything you have read or heard before. It will give you such amazing hope, renew your faith, and give you a visual of heaven that is hard to grasp from the bible - although all the descriptions ARE in the bible we can't always get our brains wrapped around it! From a little boy's mouth... in childlike terms, you WILL be able to see it! It will give you goosebumps, and leave you in awe!!
God is sooo amazing! And this story is such a blessing to each and every one of us! Don't wait till you "get around to it" ! Go get it TODAY!!!
Here's a link to a Christian online bookstore that has it for 8.99. I paid 13.99 at walmart. And i think the family Christian stores have it on sale this week, if you have one close by. Regardless of the price - IT'S WORTH IT!!! :D


Julia said...

Thanks Bren, I'll see if I can find a copy somewhere. Have a great day. It sounds like it's a book that I should read. JB

Courtney said...

I saw this book at the bookstore a while back, but didn't end up picking it up. It did intrigue me, so now I'm really wanting to read it! Thanks for the review.
Glad all are on the mend in your family.

Bethany said...

Someone else was telling me about this book and said it was just wonderful. I will have to pick it up!!

Julia said...

Well Bren, I picked up my book at Chapter. I paid 16.79 plus tax as they had 20% off the Canadian price of $20.99. Now I have to find the time to read it. JB

Carrie P. said...

I am reading the book right now. My daughter and husband have read it and enjoyed it a lot. I actually saw the family on the today show.