Thursday, May 20, 2010


Not a whole lot to post about, but then again tons! Do you ever feel that way?
I have been tres busy, ripping up carpet and laying a new floor for my mom. I am sooo sore. And achy. Oh my gosh i feel like a little old lady, hobbling along. LOL I have been on my hands and knees for three days - and it's taking it's toll!
And starting that project came on the heels of tons of yardwork and planting a bunch of beautimous flowers out front. So I was a bit sore after that. Yep. pathetic huh? It's amazing... how when raking you use muscles you don't normally use!
And on one side, i feel like a total flabby wimp because i am sore. LOL
And on the other hand, i feel like SHE-RAH! "Because I laugh in the face of sore muscles and push through and got the job done! " hee hee
So today is my little Calli-Belle's last day of second grade!
Jeez, they just grow up so fast :(
I am on my way to the second grade picinic here in a few minutes... and then she will be a big third grader! How'd that happen???
She brought me this gorgeous painting. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this!!
I need to find a frame big enough to fit. I love the bold colors, the intricate design on the bug's body. That smiley face! I just love everything about it! Things like this,total creative freedom... and when kids do self portraits - are my favorites! I have collected some pretty cool self portraits from the kids over the years, and have decided I want to frame them all, and hang them down my upper hallway. Bold. Colorful. "THIS is who i am!" It doesn't get anymore honest than that!! And it just speaks to my heart! :D
I made two market totes a couple weeks ago, for my mom and my mother-in-love for mother's day. And donchya know - i didnt take any pics! They turned out pretty fun! I made them large quilted grocery totes (or flea market, or library or swimming or whatever)
My mom's was bright limes, oranges and blues. I saw it hanging on her pantry yesterday and snapped a pic with my phone - so not the best photos in the world. LOL
She loves it :D
I still need to snag a picture of my MIL's. I made hers a little less wide, with wider quilted handles, out of Joel Dewberry reds and teals, and red polka dots. They both turned out totally different and fun :) I haven't even touched the sewing machine since finishing these guys. Just been so busy, and not home at all! Speaking of which, I better go brush my hair and make myself presentable so all the second graders don't laugh at me! LOL! See ya soon! xo Bren


Jacque. said...

LOVE the Calli painting...too dang cute. You are one crazy woman. Just sayin'.

primitivebettys said...

Hey! It is good to hear from you... sorry about the sore muscles. Have fun at the picnic! Woohoo to Calli! :) I asked Trinity on his last day last week if he passed 2nd grade. He didn't know... so quickly ran up to his teacher to ask. She gleamed with her answer & said "Yes! You have all passed!"... announcing it to the entire class. :) (She will be their teacher again for 3rd grade too... and is one of the BEST teachers I've ever seen!)

Get some rest & sit in front of that machine sewing & quilting away!


WOW! A third grader. Your right where does the time go. Kathy

WoolenSails said...

I know that feeling, I have been gardening too and it takes it's toll on me, but I just enjoy the moment and not worry about how much I get done.
Love that painting, it is so cute and fun.


moosecraft said...

That Calli is a talented and happy person! Such a GREAT painting!