Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is it worth 5 entries?

Is it worth 5 entries?
To totally expose myself and my messy cramped sewing room - not moving a thing or picking up before taking pics???
For the Accuquilt cutter on IHAN's blog??
Holy cow - YOU BETCHYA!!!
But I must admit i totally wavered on this one! LOL!
Small little room, cram packed with stuff... i literally have a little walkway to get to my sewing machine, and about 25" of a table to cut on. Then of course i thought it was a brilliant idea to bring down a full size ironing board and cram it in there too. LOL
Cuz i was really tired of ironing on one of those little travel boards!
So here it is... in all it's messy glory.
Can't believe i am doing this!
But... it WORKS. So i am not complaining!
(i sewed for far too long in our living room!! to have my own room is such a blessing! i can just shut the door and walk away and pretend this mess doesnt exist! lolol)
My little happy place. Do you see the overflowing trash can under the desk? All the scraps on the floor? 2 starbucks cups - (one WAS from yesterday - honest! the other is empty and waiting to be thrown away. lol)
The gross orange waffle pad under my machine? (trying to keep it from sliding all over the place - it doesn't work all that great btw)
There is a cd player on the right side of the desk, a can of air, quilting gloves, scissors galore, a basket of thread and a tin of bobbins, two jars of safety pins, a lamp, and a pile of batted scraps for me to test my machine stitches on (when the machine is giving me fits, I adjust and test - so always need that stack handy!)
BIG clock above desk so i dont fall into lala land and forget to pick up my kids from school! (hubby hung that for me after I spaced picking up my 7 year old daughter one day!)
sigh. this is just embarrassing!! :(
Two baskets on the floor - for any scraps that are larger than 2", and one for selvedge edges.
The white wicker drawer cabinet holds tools and stuff. To the left is my pitifully small stash, organized by color, and a gorgeous wonky red and white quilt that Jacque made me, hangs down to hide the stacks of batting behind it. It brightens my day every day when i walk in here! :)
The quilt over the sewing machine was made by my friend Lori - such a wonderful unexpected gift - and truly what I think sent me into the world of trying my hand at quilting :D I look at it all the time and it inspires me! Her hand stitching is just gorgeous!
A little to the right, in the window is a gigantic pair of wooden painted scissors that emily made for me for my birthday last year- and are proudly displayed. :) My square rulers hanging on the wall... well some of them anyway...the ones that aren't buries on my cutting table.
The half finished self portrait rug that I did in Rae's class... on monks... in a #5 cut! (gasp! i know, right?!?) It has a slew of words of a mother's love... and i have yet to figure out the right color to go thru the background and still show up - so hung it on my wall to motivate me to finish it. Because i DO WANT to finish it!
On the ironing board are two of the skirts I made yesterday with my daughter. The blue one is mine... the white one with icky orange trim - that was my mock up made out of muslin to see if it would even fit my body when the pattern was followed. LOL More on that in another post.
Then to the right... we have a jumbled mess.. semi organized... lol.... ironing board, and a metal table that i have stuff stacked on and cut on, book shelf for books, more fabric - solids and multi colored fabrics, fabric i have pulled to make my youngest daughter a stripped skirt, but havent started yet... starch, cutters and rulers.... in the foreground you can kind of make out my Hey Diddle cat and fiddle mascot - who's always nearby. LOL
What you dont see is another shelf with primitive fabrics, and behind me is neatly stacked (i'll have ya know! lol) wool.
(note to those of you who don't know: she's really rather mean...or i should say ornery! forcing us to dance a jig on you tube, do extraordinary contortionist acts, show in depth our messes.... you KNOW she's sitting there laughing her fool head off at all these posts, dontchya? Probably sipping a glass of wine, and showing her cutie husband - "wow look at this slob!!" LOLOL)
I want that darn accuquilt cutter so bad, I can taste it! Enough to show you (and the world) my little pig sty of a sewing room! LOL
Oh... and by the way - here is my plea/reasoning and i'm stickin to it!
Think about all that extra time i would have on my hands! Oh.. and less scraps on the floor too!
No guarantees that i would actually empty my trash can.... lol... but i would definitely have more time to organize, prettify my room and sew more!
So please please please enter my 5 entries into the drawing!!
LOL praying they are WINNING entries after this humiliation!!!
ps...and if you want to see my friend Debbie's entry - who by the way suffered NO humiliation showing HER room (how do you manage to keep it that clean Deb?? Especially doing all that you do?!? Brat.) Click here :)


moosecraft said...

Admitting that you need one of these cutting machines is the first step to success!! LOL! ;-) I had seen Debbie's room and was wondering who else was going to show their room! I've only made one little quilt... so I really don't have much to show, or I'd try for that dang machine too! Cutting fabric makes me nervous! LOL!

WoolenSails said...

You really don't want one of those, I think it would be better if I won, lol.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Great Post!!! And I don't make fun of people .... I just enjoy having fun. I admire your post and your efforts. I wish you the best in the drawing tomorrow :)

Kelly aka....Mrs.Meanie