Saturday, May 8, 2010

Birthday sleep overs

Girly birthdays are so fun!
Here is my (not really cross eyed -just focused on the cake) birthday girl :)
3 Best friends - these guys are HILARIOUS together! Sassy, spunky, and too smart for their own good! LOL And yes, my daughter thinks she needs to show ALL her teeth, when smiling.. or give the eyes half mast look. Sheesh. (seems to be a trait that runs in our family.. see below. LOL)
I wish I had the pics of them last night - they all got dressed up like princesses... or somewhere there abouts. LOL One looked like a hoochie mama gogo dancer, one was in royal princess dress and crown, and the other was a cheerleader. LOLOLOL They were giving makeovers, and built their own little "spa" (ie chairs covered in blankets, and different "stations" to go to - nails, lip gloss and blush, and hair) Oohh all three of them are SUCH GIRLS. LOL Cracks me up!
Let me just say... they are either born that way, or their not! Cuz she sure doesn't get the pampering spa girly genes and mentality from me!!!
We did snap pics (spying on them from the other room. lol) with Dan's camera. So might be able to show you those later :)
They were up til' midnight, giggling nonstop, when i finally pulled the plug and said, time to calm down and get some sleep!
And of course they were up bright and early this morning, running around and laughing hysterically! They decided they wanted to play jump rope in the back yard... couldnt find a rope - so they improvised and used the hose!
of course Lexi wanted to play too!
So last night, taking pics at the table... full of family... trying to get a couple decent pics of each person. But my kids... nooo... little posers! LOL Every time they see a camera come out, they make some goofy face or stance. grrrr. fingers up noses, sticking tongues out, crossing their eyes... you name it. They think that's just sooooo funny!
(until years later they look at pictures and say, how come the only pictures you have of me are lame??? lol)
C'mon Bay! Give me a normal smile!
Nope. Can't do it. So instead I'll give you my fake patronizing smile!
Emily - refused to smile at all. She had on her pouty irritated face. Kept razzing her trying to get her to smile! Finally, right as the camera clicked there was a hint of one!
Ok, now how bout a REAL smile? A NORMAL one??
Nope. Gonna be like Calli and show ALL my teeth! Is this good mom??
They are so goofy!
And I love them to pieces!!!!
So glad they aren't boring, totally shy, introverted people! haha!
Never a dull moment in this house! :D
Well, got most of the mess cleaned up, and the kids taken home. Taking a few quiet moments here on the computer and then I need to go down and finish my mother's day presents! (yah... i didnt wait until the last minute - honest! They are mostly done, just a few things left to do - and gearing up for Calli's party took precedence since it came first! LOL!)
Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!
Wishing I could sleep in tomorrow - i soo tired! But I know they will be there bright and early at my bedside with breakfast in bed! :D (gotta love it! Hopefully they'll bring me coffee first!! :D )


Rugs and Pugs said...

Bren ~
What a lovely family.
Happy Mother's Day to you.
Pug hugs :)

WoolenSails said...

It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and I think you deserve a rest tomorrow;)


TamboinMO said...

WOW how time flies....I still remember when you were expecting. Looks like the girls had such a great time together....I have so many fond memories of sleep overs myself....always trying to stay up to see the sunrise....memories.
Love all the "goofy" pics!

Joanne said...

Great silly pics! Hope you had a good breakfast in bed (of course coffee first) Happy Momma's Day!

Erin Butson said...

Love these sweet girls! Makes me excited to have little girls + slumber parties. I have one little boy so far and my husband doesn't know it yet, but we're going until we have at least one girl:)

Anonymous said...

You disgust me.