Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday
cleaning house like a mad woman
i was a woman on a mission!
(my 13 yr old son asked me "what's wrong mom? you seem angry!")
angry no. fed up? yes
fed up with the clutter, and the mess, and all the EXTRA CRAP that our family manages to accumulate - that we dont need!
4 kids - only 3 at home now - and a hubby (cant forget him! lol)
and me - a woman that loves fabric and achechipees (snicker) - all adds up to piles of STUFF.
Just stuff.
McDonalds toys, polly pockets, books for toddlers (umm.. no more toddlers here!) paper galore, coloring books, and construction paper, and paper dolls, and crayons and markers, and board games, junky jewelry, electronics that dont work, legos, movies, children's artwork, old school papers, and and and the lists go on and on and on.
So i hit my point of tolerance (happens about once every three months or so) and started rampaging thru the rooms, pitching stuff left and right. Now... can i just say...
I did my best -knowing this mission mentality would wear off in a day or two. Wishing I had ten times the energy and ten more hours of daylight to accomplish what i actually WANT to accomplish in each room! Truth be told, each room - to do it right - and go thru each and every movie, and book, and so on, and purge out things we don't use - would take a whole day for each room - in my opinion. Maybe cuz i'm thinking total overhaul, thorough purge/clean as you go.
K, so i just scratched the surface in the family room, living room and kitchen yesterday.
But it's already feeling better!
Washing curtains and steam cleaning the carpets today.
Getting ready for Calli's birthday tomorrow, so have errands to run also.
I know i'm going to be whooped once i slow down! But oohhhh feels sooooooo GOOD to get these things done!
Now... just to get buy in from the rest of the family!
Anyone have a sure fire way to do that? And convince kids they dont need to hang onto every little scrap of paper?!
(ok... look who's talking right? she who has a basket of fabric scraps and wooly worms!)
But THEY are usable! LOL
Ok.. off the computer, and onto tackling those carpets! Poor spoiled little Lexi is gonna have to spend the day outside!
Wish me luck!


WoolenSails said...

If you still have energy left, mine could use a clean out, lol. I am going to trash anything that is taking up space, one of these days, lol.


Joanne said...

Bren - I understand 100% how you are feeling - I did that about 3 or so years ago - totally EMPTIED some rooms - and boy does it feel good - and that stuff you are unsure of getting rid of? Well I can't even remember what my items were now! LOL Time spent doing what we love is better than time wasted moving clutter around and stepping over things - just slows us down! Hope your energy levels stay up there!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

I sure need to do the same thing with a closet or two! Hopefully soon it will be out the door and on to someone who can use it. Glad you got a good start!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

It's wonderful when that burst of energy hits and we just go at it. I just wish it happened more often :).