Friday, May 7, 2010

Made cupcakes this morning.
it's all i can do not to eat one!
On my way to Calli's school to have a little birthday celebration :)
My sweet little Calli Max was born on mother's day
Best mother's day present ever!!
So every few years we share that day!
This is one of those years.
But I believe birthdays should be special - and YOUR day - not shared with anyone (unless you are a twin of course! LOL) So on the years that we share that day - we celebrate a day or two early, so the attention can be solely on her for her day!
But of course we wait until her REAL birthday for her birthday spankins! LOL
Donchya know she's looking forward to that?!? :D
Be blessed this spring day!
(those little toothpicks and marshmellows - a martha stewart trick (i think?) for transporting cupcakes - that way the saran wrap doesn't get stuck on the frosting! Nifty, huh?!)


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Birthday to Calli!!! Hope she has a wonderful day, and that you enjoy your Mother's day!
Those cupcakes look delicious.. Glad you are far away :)

Joanne said...

Big Birthday Hugs to Calli and you on your days! Mmmm cupcakes....

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful treat for her class and her.
That is a neat idea with the picks.

Happy Birthday to Calli and a Happy Mother's day to you.


Razzberry Corner said...

Happy B-Day to Calli - who just doesn't love cupcakes??