Monday, May 3, 2010

Achechipees?? Goofiness!!

Ok, forgive me in advance! LOL!!
I used a word that may not be widely known. *Grin*
And I got an email from a friend - who is very...umm.. particular... about her words.
LOL.. and here i am ... i can spell, and i CAN use good grammar when i'm not being too lazy, or on this little bity laptop. Most of the time though... i am the queen of run on sentences... using slang and made up words.. and slingin' words like some people sling hash! hee hee
Remember though... i have 4 children! And I act like a child myself half the time!! :D
I like goofy things that most people hear and never think of again - me and Dan - oh noooo - THOSE are the things that stick with us and crack us up - over and over and OVER again!
Yah. I know. Easily amused! LOL :D
Stupid lines, but that had perfect timing, from movies - our faves.
Things kids have said and stuck - faves.
Something you mistakenly say in conversation with a friend, and they never let you live it down?
Small example. My daughter (who is now 7) speaks very clearly, and maturely. But there are a few things that she has not gotten past... yet. And we know eventually she will... and sadly it's all too soon! Anyway, this one cracks us up.
She says HODE ON! (or, if you prefer... HOED on!)
No L
at all.
HODE ON, i'm coming
HODE ON just a sec
HODE on...
hee hee hee... so of course now our entire family says HODE ON, and probably forever will!
If i said that around adults that have never been around Calli, they would look at me like i was an idiot with three heads. Right? um yep. And have i done it? um. yep!
But funnily enough - people who are around her (besides family members) have also coined the HODE ON, and are having a hard time shaking it! LOL
Sooooo onto the entire reason for this post! :D
Do you know what Achechipees are/is??
And yes, i went fo-net-ick on that one :D
cuz "pies" didn't look/sound right! lol
Will you join in, just for fun and take a wild guess at what it means? There is a poll on the upper right hand corner of my blog -(i can't figure out why the header question isnt showing up? but it's there!) and answers from my eldest and youngest daughters as to what they thought it was. How bout you? Vote and let's see!
pssst.... and if you truly know... and you know WHERE it came from... leave me a comment telling me! LOL This oughta prove fun! :)


patijane said...

Well I have no clue, but made a guess anyway. I can relate to your musings about things we say and do...just part of life with our wonderful families. Love this post....

TamboinMO said...

You've got me on this one....I have no clue...and I must say it's the most "brassiere" (bizarre) word I've ever heard of!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

When one of my son's was little, he called a pocket 'kapock' ~ I sometimes still ~ 41 years later ~ say "I'm putting it my 'kapock'!! A funny memory ~ thanks for jogging mine!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Being around a 2 1/2 year old about 10 hours a day 4 days a week it makes you think of lots of things I'm guessing Eat your peas! Such a fun post!