Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, they found the van! It was found the other night abandoned and towed to police impound. This morning we have been on the phone with insurance and police department. And will be on our way to go get it out of impound. I'm having severe mixed feelings on all this. On one side, I am exstatic that they found it, and I will have my car back!! On the other side, I am feeling VERY uneasy, unsafe, and invaded. :( What cracks me up, is that they DONT dust for prints!? They DONT do anything but tow it for you, and then charge you for the towing and storage! ??? That's a CSI gig they said, and since they cant prove it was used in a crime - no need to dust for prints or investigate. I'M SORRY? STEALING A CAR ISN'T A CRIME ANYMORE??? "Too bad Ms. Citizen, this happens everyday, and we don't have the time or inclination to do anything else" is what it feels like they are saying. So of course you have your insurance deductable. After paying for police towing and impound, and then having it towed to the dealership to be fixed - i'm thinkin that will just about top off our deductable! (because it makes sense to charge the victim in the crime?! instead of looking for the thief!) The ignition was busted and damaged, the steering column was broken, emblems taken off - and that's all we know so far. What else got broken or tampered with? How safe would you feel getting into that car right now?? Not to mention they stole it from our DRIVEWAY - so they know where we live, and now know how "easy" it is to take it, if they ever choose to do so again. After we fix it - will this happen again?? So am i happy? Yes, quasi so. (sp?) Am I nervous about it all? Definitely. Am I feeling confident in our legal system? Absolutely not. Am I feeling protected as the victim? Absolutely not. Am I feeling taken advantage of, and invaded? Yep. I know people go through this everyday. It stinks. And it just seems to me that they would figure out a better way of handling it, instead of further taking advantage of those that were taken advantage of in the first place! BLEH! This too shall pass.


WoolenSails said...

I think it is time for a break, you have had enough to go through lately. Maybe this one the final straw and things will look up from now on;)


katie said...

Yes I understand your frustrations.
It does seem like to good guys get dumped on, But we know where we stand eternally as opposed to the perpetrator .


~Michelle~ said...

this sounds like a complete 90's flashback, but I have a friend who's had his truck broken into multiple times, and ever since he put a Club on the steering wheel, he hasn't had a problem since... also might help that they had a security camera installed on their garage in the front (a deterent for the would-be criminal neighbors, I think)

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

I can't believe they found it. My son's truck was stolen and we never saw it again. It was NOT fun dealing with the insurance. LOL!
Your daughter and Golden are both beautiful!!!!!