Friday, January 8, 2010

Prim girls, hide your eyes!

Pinks & Oranges
2 colors I just DON'T use in my love of all things primitive.
But in my love of modern quilts..
they are PERFECT together!
I decided to try paper piecing. It is so much fun! And wayy easier (at least this kind!) than I thought it would be! And yah.. kind of addicting! I guess it would have to be, as it is pretty tedious sewing all these strips... there would be no string pieced quilts at all if there was no fun in it! LOL
The needle perforates the paper so when you go to rip it off when you are done, it's fun... kinda put me in a "Zen mode". LOL
But, I like to peel dried paint off the paint pan too. So think what you like. :D
I originally made 16 of these, thinking i would make a baby quilt.
Um... yah..
Cuz this little bitty thing would only cover a small doll! I made 14 more to try and bring it up to size.
And this is where it's at now. I think I need 6 more for it to be a good baby size.
Then I will play with the squares and layout until it sits well with my eye, label them, and sew them all together! Woohoo!! How totally FUN is this?!?!?
I read the tutorial over at Film in The Fridge, and that's all the nudge I needed!
I'm thinking I might give it to my friend Kelley for her upcoming birthday.
Tomorrow, I really want to try making circles - check out Jacquie's post and wonderful tutorial! Curved piecing is something I am absolutely pathetically terrified of! But after seeing this, I figure what's the worst that can happen? I ruin a little fabric? Feel like a failure?
LOL Big woop!
I'll let ya know how it goes.
Have a blessed day. And STAY WARM!!!


A Quilter Awakens said...

Freaking loverly. Karmen

WoolenSails said...

I like it, but don't tell anyone;)
I like folk art too, which is more bright and fun designs.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I'm a primitive gal, too ~ but I LOVE your colors! Spring like and uplifting!!!

moosecraft said...

Even though I prefer the darker colors... I'm luvin' this quilt! It's a welcome sight after all of these cold, grey, snowy days...

Gayle said...

Bren - Scrap quilt will always and forever be my very favorite kinds - yours with the bright colors is SO fun! Good job!

kelley said...

I must be seeing things...time for more meds...(prim only, no art quilts, dull colors, breathe, breathe) know I already have some gastro-intestinal bug, why you gonna threaten me like this???

Pokey said...

Very nice! I did these in florals for a friend, and liked the results. I love pink and orange together, and red plays well in the mix, too.

Your friend Kelley is a lucky girl.