Thursday, January 7, 2010

Playing in my room

Well hi! :)
Now that I am coming out of the holiday stupor... got the house cleaned up of all things Christmas... and all the pine needles (oi!) mostly gone... I retreated down to my sewing room to get caught up on some of my bee blocks. Had a great time just piddlin around down there - it's like that room is a time warp. LOL I can go in at 9 am, and POOF! In the blink of an eye, it's 3 oclock and time to pick up my kids!? How does that happen?
Is MY room SPECIAL?? Do you guys have a time warp room??? hee hee I love mine! :)
Felt really good to sew again!!
My machine broke right before Christmas... i think it was a belt. Had to borrow my MIL's machine to finish the last Christmas gift! Boy was I ever thankful she had one I could borrow!!
Then I went shopping for a Bernina.
And yah. Didn't come home with one ;(
Just couldn't justify the expense right now. But maybe someday. Someday soon?!
Instead I replaced my old beater workhorse Brother, with another. So a Brother of a Brother?
Hopefully it will be as much of a workhorse as the other little cheapy until I can get my dream machine!! A penny saved now... is another penny toward my goal!
Anyway... here's what I managed to produce in my 3 minutes down in the time warp room. :)
Playing with string blocks A couple wonky blocks for Katrina A couple blocks for Jenny And a couple blocks testing out a thought for my month in the bee- next month. Wasn't sure I had cut enough (or bought enough!) fabric to send out. So thought I would give it a trial run. Glad I did! I WAS short! So modified the fabric packs so they'd have more to work with. I love how these came out. I was shooting for a more improv type block/look. I think these fabrics will look so cool in a quilt together!
And last but not least, I gathered up the makings for two secret projects that I have to get started on. Unfortunately I won't be able to share those with you until much later! I am a secret admirer to a wonderful primitive gal in my AAPG group! Ssshh it's a secret! hee hee I love making secret gifties!! :)
Ooh ooh oh, and guess what? DQS8 is starting back up!! woohooo!! I am soo excited!
I got my mosaic made, and now just waiting to find out who my partner is, so I can start stalking her/him. LOL I've discovered I really LIKE being a stalker! :D
I have to take Lexi to the vet this morning for her shots, and it is -22* with windchill out there right now. -9* with no wind. Lovely huh?
Considering rescheduling and staying warm. LOL
Hope you have an awesome (warm) creative day today! xo Bren


katie said...

Wow Bren you have been busy. All of those blocks are wonderful.
We have the same cold and snow. I am starting 4 different BOM but haven't been able to get out and get them picked up.
I look forward to seeing your progress.


Jacque. said...

sooooo, you were bored...had nothing else to do??? That's why you started a string quilt??? Cool!