Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gigantor & Midget

We took Lexi to the vet yesterday for a well check and her rabies shot.
Sweet little 6 month old Lexi weighed in at 57 pounds. Which is pretty much the average for her age and breed the vet said. She will not be one of those petite females though. She'll probably finish up around 65 or 70lbs.
Well right before going to the vets, my sister texted me asking how much Lex weighed... and that Molly was a whopping 35 pounds already!
Stop right there.
Lexi hit 35lbs when she was 12 weeks old. LOL
Molly is 2 DAYS younger than Lexi. (Only 2 days difference!) She's a golden also. Molly lives in Chicago, and has THE sweetest face ever!
I get the sweetest little picture messages from her, saying hi auntie!!
Anyway, you normally will have a 5-7 pound discrepency range for dogs of the same age and breed. So yesterday, I was like HOW is it possible for them to be a whoppin 22 pounds difference??
I started teasing my sister immediately. (isn't that what sisters do?)
Was she aware that she bought a MINI golden?
Wow. Molly must be a midget!
Poor Molly.. she's probably huuunnggrryy!! :(
Po po Molly :(
And of course my sister comes back with... just because Lexi is so big... you sill love her anyway, right?
She can't help it she's big boned.
Is she at least light on her feet? (haha no! she's a clodhopper!)
How much are you FEEDING her??
So in the ensuing discussion, they now have new names.
Meet Midget Molly, and Gigantor!
I was going to try and make a picture with the two of them to send to my sis... Lexi towering over Molly like Godzilla, and a teensy weensy little molly in the corner.
But I am not good with photoshop :(
This is what I came up with instead.
New issues arriving next month.
Hope you have a very blessed day!
God is soo good! EVERY DAY!!!


kelley said...

never enough puppy or gigantic Godzilla dogs...and loved the laugh, think and be TALL

Mike said...


Maybe we should throw that fur ball 'Picasso' into the mix . . . .that'll make Molly look like a Gigantor!

dexmangoldens said...

wow, Lexi is pretty big and almost to the top of the golden retriever standard weight for a full grown female already, and at six months. My dog Manley didn't weigh that much until he was at least 10-12 months old. And he is right there in the gr standard for height and weight. How and what are you feeding her?
Your family picture was really nice.

dexmangoldens said...

Lexi is very cute! Forgot to mention that in the beginning.

TamboinMO said...

Hey girly-girl,
I'm missing you blogging...what's up?!