Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank yous and hodgepodge

Ok, this post is going to be all over the board! Just because i am so limited in time with the computer lately, since miss Lexie took over my life! I am absolutely BEAT. LOL It's like having a toddler in the house again! And no.. we're not crate training. I am doing it the "old fashioned way" of taking her out every 15-20 minutes to potty... and watching her with an eagle eye 24 hours a day! She discovered she has a voice, as of 2 days ago... and yup... you guessed it... now she thinks she should be barking at EVERYTHING. OY! So the learning continues!! :) First of all I want to thank my swap partner Vivian!!! Viv made me the sweetest little quilt for the doll quilt swap, called Love and Chocolate. That brown fabric is such a luscious chocolate color! Isn't it adorable?! She also sent along two darling fat quarters of fabric, and a chocolate bar! The DQS7 has been sooooooo much fun!! I cant wait to do another one!! The anticipation... the "research" (or stalking) of your partner... trying to figure out what they like... all in secret.. and then trying to make a quilt for them - wayyyy fun!! I would reccomend it to anyone wanting to try it! :) Thank you Viv for your sweet package! I will be hanging it in my sewing room!!
Lil miss spaz ... this is her favorite place to take a nap - smack in between the tomato plants! :)
I have been having fun (before Lexie came) making houses... wonky houses for a funky quilt that is! These blocks are for the Bee Addicted 3 online bee. Each month a different person gets to choose what they want for their quilt. Then they send out fabrics they would like you to use, and their chosen design. In this case, Becca requested funky houses. Anything goes. All colors and prints, design and construct! Ok... call me a nerd... we all know the truth! LOL But this was WAYYY TOOO FUN!!! Now i will be sending the blocks to her... and she will put all the blocks she receives into a quilt (i think she's making this for one of her kids?) . Talk about a fun whimsical, totally creative quilt! All made by different people, and their interpretations! Cool huh? You can click on the bee addicted button on my side bar, and see some of the other blocks that have been posted if you want :)
doesn't this look like smurfs should be walking out of this house?? LOL
Since Lexie got here, i have not had any time down in my sewing room. Soooo since i am a babysitting fool, but hate to sit with nothing to do, I started working on my handwork... little prim quilts for Christmas presents. :) My hand quilting is improving... still not great... but definitely getting better!
A while back I won a contest in my online group AAPG, and Kelley's box got here a week or two ago and I haven't had a chance to post and tell you about it! Check out this adorable needlepunched pillow with a big sheepie and strawberries!!!!!!!!!! I saw this a while ago in her unfinished projects picture and i flipped over it!! LOL It was love at first site!! So when I opened the box she sent me and saw those berries I was doing the happy dance in a big way!! How dang cute is that, I ask you?!?!?!?!!! :D I have much love for it! LOL
And because Kelley is the sweetest most awesomest friend ever... she sent me this bunch of homespun squares that were left over from the last quilt her mom made her! OMGosh... well the happy dance just got MUCH bigger at that point!! LOLOL I can't stop petting them! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I started hand piecing them together... i think they will make a perfect border on a quilt i have planned! Hmm... i wonder who it will go to??
And last but not least this is a top i made a couple weeks ago. Really simple, but bright and cheery. I was making this as a Christmas gift... but once I got done, decided it doesn't suit the person I made it for. So will be making a different one... but hoping to get this basted and quilted sometime soon. Maybe this weekend when the kids can watch the puppy??
Oh.. this was the Flea Market Fancy quilt from Crazy Mom Quilts (on sidebar) if you like it and want to make one. I just LOVE her blog, and all those awesome quilts she makes! Great tutes too!
Ok, that's it. Puppy's now awake and nipping at my ankles saying "Pay attention to meeeee!!!"
Please pray for me. LOL Pray i can keep my sense of humor (and patience.. but definitely NOT praying for patience!!) through potty and barking training!
Hope you have a very blessed and creative day!

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WoolenSails said...

You have been busy and if I had that cute little pup, I would be playing all day too;) I never crate trained, outdoors is the only way and I have always had good dogs who seem to have great kidneys.

Have fun with the scraps, the one on my blog now is mostly all kelly's scraps.