Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pictures, Puppy, and Cartwheels

Pictures, Puppies, Cartwheels, and a final decision on a name!
LOTS of pictures! Kids were playing out front, trying to do cartwheels. (i never realized they couldn't do a cartwheel!! Oh my gosh!) lots of laughter, camera not keeping up with all the movement, even the puppy never stopped moving - until these three shots! She had soo much fun out there chasing the kids and playing! We are ALL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE!!!
We have come to a decision about this little butterball's name. It is final. :) Voted in 5 out of 5!
Ladies and Gents... meet Ms. Alexis Thompson - "Lexi" for short. :D
Bailey critiquing cartwheel form... cuz he can do sooo much better donchya know. LOL yah. ok.
The beginning of a DOG PILE - including a dog!
Everyone was moving way too fast for my little camera! Most of the pics turned out blurry like this... LOL... but you can "see the action" happening this way also. :)
haha... such nice form! :D
I think we tuckered the poor girl out! LOL Nigh-nigh bebe Lexi :)


Jacque. said...

I NEVER was able to do cartwheels! Love the photos!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Priceless photo's. Love Lexi's name....
Took me a loong time to do a cartwheel. Never realized how hard it was to get the butt up!! lol

kelley said...

Awwwwwe...Lexi is going to be such a happy spoiled dog...hope Danny gets a chance to play with her too!

Cartwheels...I couldn't even do sommersaults...

Lindy said...


Golden's are the BEST! You'll love her!

Lori said...

Lexi it so cute!!! What a great birthday gift for Dan!

Lori R

Mike said...

There is HAPPINESS sticking out all over this blog . . . .especially in this post. There is a grapmpa in Santa Cruz whose eyes are very wet as he reads through this.

I LOVE you all . . . .and, of course, Lexi. Who wouldn't??!!!