Sunday, September 20, 2009


A week of firsts!
Lexi went on her first (and second and third) walk this week- and learned to listen to commands. She did soooo well!! I am soo proud! LOL!! She learned "with me" (basically walk with me, or heel), she learned "sit", she learned "no" and "no bite" AND "no bark" ! She has been sleeping through the night, with no accidents (well.. there was one night she wasnt able to hold it). AND... now this is a biggie folks... LOL... we hung a strand of bells on the back door. We jingle it every time we go out to go potty saying "outside potty". DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID TONIGHT???? THREE times - so it wasn't a fluke!! LOL She went up and rang those bells and stared at the door! Oh my gosh... i was flippin!! LOLOLOL!!! I asked her if she needed to go potty, and she barked once like YES! (open the door already!) I did... she ran and pottied! :D And then we came back in. Ten minutes later there go the bells again! LOL And again about 15 minutes later! And yes... kinda funny.. but she DID pee each time! (and then of course had to terrorize her monkey stuffed animal for a while) Ok... so i may be a total dork... but i am ONE PROUD MAMA!!! :D She is one smaaarrtt cookie!
And yah... she likes toes. LOL
And unfortunately..... she thinks when the cats run across the room, or meow at her, that it's a game of chase!
See below for another first this week....
Pounce is NOT happy being terrorized in HER own home! She is up on the 7 foot shelves, looking down at "that idiot dog"! Think she's high enough up?
And last... but certainly not least!
A BIG week of firsts for our daughter!
Her first Homecoming dance... her first semi formal dance... her first "grown up" dress AND heels!
And.... her first day of being 14 !
Happy Birthday my dear sweet Emily!!
You are beautiful inside and out!
I pray that you stay focused on our Father God, and not let the secular world sway you away from His eternal love in these growing years ahead. You are an incredible young woman!
We love you more than I can put into words!
(and she received my first quilted quilt that she loved so much as one of her birthday gifts)
A darn good week of firsts!


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Birthday Emily!!! What a beautiful young lady. And so pretty in her dress AND heels! I hope she has a wonderful time at the dances. Now's the time for journaling. Does she??
Your dog is too precious Bren. Love the bell ringing. Definitely a week of firsts for you. How awesome!
(sure hope Pounce comes down soon lol)

primitivebettys said...

You do have a cute new puppy & smart too... but you DO have a beautiful daughter! :) Happy Birthday Emily!! :)



WoolenSails said...

Happy Birthday to Emily, she is growing into a beautiful young lady. I really love that puppy, he is so so cute.


Joanne said...

A big happy Birthday to Emily - she looks so beautiful (and grown up!)! You have yourself one cute puppy and congrats on the potty training! Poor Pounce - LOL!

debra said...

A beautiful daughter who is growing into a young woman and one smart dog. Congrats on your week of "firsts"!