Monday, August 17, 2009

Rockin busy weekend! Ok, remember my last post?? LOL Well "someone" (who shall remain nameless) was wondering around the house, absolutely irritated that they had nothing to do. LOL Someone else said "you need to find a project! or a hobby! There's plenty to be done around the house!! Fence needs to be built, gutters cleaned and fixed, back yard garden area needs to be whacked down, lawn needs a good clean edging... pick one! (i know.. that person sounds mean, huh? but dude... they've all been left unattended to and need some attention!!) Soooooooo... guess who got fed up, and adopted a project? and went to home depot ? And came home with LUMBER!!! (surprised the socks right off of me! lol as that NEVER happens!!) And guess who had a plan?? And started clearing out the garage? And then poutily said I needed to help? LOLOL Guess what WE BUILT?!?!?!? (i am soooooooooooooooo excited i cant stand it!!!!) I know... boring little life is obvious when something like this excites you! hahaha! But check it out!
WE DID IT!! We made a huge 12 foot by 3 foot deep, by 8 or 10 foot high, shelf area in the garage!!! oh my gosh!! We ROCKED it! Can you tell i am just deliriously proud of us??? :D Mostly of HIM though! Watching all those muscles in action... oh my... fanning myself!!
It was a GREAT day... really felt accomplished!
Now... granted... I have aquired yet another job. LOL It is my job to sort through the whole garage, and weed and seed, and make a pile for garage sale, pitch other stuff, and store the rest in a very organized way. Gonna be a ton of work!!!! BUT i am sooo up to the challenge!! Am very excited to get our garage in order! How cool is this????!!!! :D
In other news... i have been sneaking away in the wee hours of the night to sew. And this is the other top i have been working on... for my wee littlest daughter... for Christmas. Don't know how I'll be able to wait until Christmas to give it to her??
Sugar and spice and everything nice! It is now sandwhiched and basted... and awaiting quilting. Used a really cute girly sheet for the back side... and going to give her the fitted sheet and pillowcase with the quilt... it will all match when its on the bed! How cute will that be??!! And.. last pics of the day...
Finished the quilt that i quilted last week.. got the binding all hand sewn on, and just washed it this weekend. Looooookkkk at that wrinkly crinkly yummyness!! Donchya just love it?? Yah.. i think this is my favorite part of the quilting. LOL When it comes out of the dryer! Silly?
All done!! :D
Someone's arms were getting tired holding it up for ya'll to see! LOL
With that i am going to say adeu.
Hope you had a great weekend too!


Joanne said...

Bren - Incredible quilting - I love looking at your crinkling! Too cool the way that happens!

Tonite on A & E is a show about Hoarders - my husband is all excited - even sent me an email just now reminding me - LOL - He's a packrat and finally got a bee in his bonnet and is cleaning out the basement and junk he's been collecting! And doing it right - taking his time and sorting thru things!

So I know how those shelves make you feel - like things will be organized!

Can't wait to see your next project!

debra said...

I am in serious envy of your garage shelves. Just what we need to get a little organized around here! Perhaps is I dab a little perfume behind the ears and take my hubby to Home Depot......

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Bren, I know how you feel about the garage. We just put up shelves last year. (been here 9 years and neither of our cars have seen the inside of the garage until then)!! Back in NJ, we had a 2 1/2 car garage, and that never saw a car either lol. Hubby has tons of big tools and then there is the kids stuff, the junk and then more junk. You know, you'll have to go through it soon lol. Take your time though and before you know it, you'll be saying aaaaahhh. Great job on the quilting. You sure have whipped them out lately. It's awesome!

Gingercrk said...

Hey girl!
Wow I can't believe all those wonderful quilts you've been making! And how did you manage to get DH to do all that terrif organizing in the garage! Send him down here...our garage could use a major overhaul. And you know...a trip to Home Depot always gets the juices flowing. LOL Did you get your camp rug finished?? (smile).

JoJo said...

Bren, your quilt for your daughter is darling, as is your other one also. I so HATE anything to do with my sewing machine so I admire what you are able to do with yours.

kelley said...

You liitle girly girl is goona love her new quilt and bed ensemble...I could never wait to give it to her...would have to do up the bed one day when she was at school...

The garage shelves look wonderful...getting everything in order in there will make you so happy...simple pleasures really all the best...

Now, how do you feel about hiring Dan out so someone in Ohio???

Millie said...

One of the funniest pictures I have of my son is him NOT holding a quilt up because it's so heavy and his arms are tired!