Saturday, August 22, 2009

Works in progress.... currently on my machine.... calli's quilt
Finished hand sewing the binding and got this one washed! Really happy with how it turned out!
And i pieced the back with a piece of left over red floral moda backing I had sitting around. Doesn't really "go" with the front of the quilt... but since it will be living on my couch, and it "goes" with the couch and pillows great, i figured WHY NOT?!? :D
Been busy working on sorting thru the garage. Dirty work! But it's gotta get done. That is... when no one is home, hovering over me! :D
Have a blessed weekend!
xo Bren


WoolenSails said...

Those are both stunning quilts. Love the quilting you are doing on Cali's quilt. I love the look of the stitching after it has been washed.


Jacque. said...

oh Bren...your zigzag quilt is luscious!! I am sooo happy that you put the white top/bottom borders it such a finished look...and it looks absolutely wonderful! I actually love that red on the back! ~grin~

Joanne said...

Oh wow - these both are great! And I'm with Jacque - love the red on the back - it makes you stop and really see it!

katie said...

Love the quilts and love the fact that you did something different on the back of the green and white one.
Great quilt job are you doing that on a regular machine. I'm impressed.
They look so cuddley (sp) after they are washed.