Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good day

Long time no see, huh?
Well my kidlets are finally all in school, and i think all the papers have been signed, and extra supplies bought, and this week is back to school night at all three schools. I believe we will be able to BREATH a little after they are all done! LOL
My hubby runs his own business, and business has been pretty slooowwww lately. For the last several months. So my honey is home a LOT.
Consequently I am getting a whole lot of NOTHING done!
(Don't get me wrong - i absolutely LOVE having time with him!!!) But why is that? Why is it that when your hubby is home, you struggle to get anything accomplished?
Is it because when they see you doing laundry, they think oh.. no big deal that can be put off for a while - and come search you out and say "hey! let's go do this!"
Or is it because when you go to vacuum and they are sitting and enjoying some time off, they then feel guilty for sitting... and consequently shoot you the evil eye for working - so you avoid doing that when they're home? (you know.. to save their feelings, and not put them in "that place"?)
Or.. is it because every time you go to a different room of the house to do something (even clean toilets ) they follow you like a little lost puppy, until you give them your full attention? And eventually just give up trying to get your chores done?
My wonderful husband is sooo supportive and forgiving when it comes to my crafts.. my art life. He puts up with the wool piles. He doesnt make me feel guilty for disappearing down to my sewing room... as long as i dont stay down there too long. LOL (ie over an hour) He doesnt complain too loudly when he finds a needle stuck in the couch, or thread or snippets on the floor in front of the couch. He's AWESOME!!! And he realizes that this is a PART of who i am. And if i remove that part, (ie creativity) i am not nearly as happy go lucky, or as open to new ideas (his), or just an all around good sense of well being. I am sooo thankful that my husband really "gets" me, and loves me anyway!! Definitely a God match! :D
And we love to spend quality time together. After almost ten years, we've not run out of things to talk about, and are eager to tell each other about new things we learned about that day.
Soooooo.... why then? Why does it just screw you all up when you're together ALL the time?? My poor laundry room looks like something out of a horror movie. My kitchen needs mopping, bathrooms need to be cleaned, and I haven't vacuumed since last week (eek!!) I also havn't sewn since posting that last picture! Granted, we've been busy with kid and school related stuff. Like i said... he's ALWAYS READY to leave and go somewhere!! lol
So yesterday... he had some work, and left the house at around 9! Do you know... i did NOT run for that laundry room or the vacuum???? Nooooo. I literally RAN for my sewing room!! LOLOL Knowing he would be home in 3 or 4 hours, I saw a window of opportunity - and mannn... did i take it!! LOL!!
I got one of my quilts quilted! I put Pastor Jerry on my mp3 player, and went to town sewing. Got it done and stitched on the binding. Started to figure out the backing for the green and white quilt, and got slammed with a headache that wasnt easing up :( I stared at that fabric for over an hour, trying to figure out dimensions - something normally done in 5 minutes. LOL
I finally gave up after an hour, as it just wasnt flowing. Did some laundry, and then took the quilt and needle and thread and sat down to hand sew. What a BLESSING that was!! Some quiet hand sewing time.... aaahhhhh. Just what the doctor ordered!!
My headache eased up, my honey came home, as did the kids, and dinner got made, homework got done... and i actually got SOMETHING accomplished!! It was a GOOD day! :D


WoolenSails said...

You cracked me up, it is the same for me, lol.
If I am alone in room, he has to see what I am up to. If I clean he feels guilty, but not enough to do it, he suggests we go for a ride;) So, I wait till he goes to work, which means doing all the morning chores and catching up on my crafts all night.


Ter'e said...

I have David home right now and I can relate!!!! Our running joke is me saying "get your hands off your hips and get outta my kitchen"!!!!!!! Ya gotta love 'em! Amen sista!!!!!!!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Love your quilt Bren! And I can relate. I think all women can. My husband just went back to work after having 2 weeks off (slow work). Aaaah, I can breathe again lol. Daughter goes back to school in 2 weeks! I'm sure you had lots of homework too...all that paperwork to fill out for them!