Monday, June 8, 2009

Alter Ego Quilt

Ok, ya'll are going to think i've lost my marbles! :)
But I haven't.... really!
Do you remember me sharing with you a loonngg time ago, that i have this little "alter ego" that just DIGS on polka dots and squares? And do you remember me also sharing that there was somthing about lime green, and pink... and blues and browns that just make me HAPPY??
And I'm talkin WAYYYYY outside my normal seriously primitive palette. LOL
WAY WAY outside.
But ... they just make me smile, and feel like turning in circles and blowing bubbles, and playing hide and seek... basically an inner child. (funny i was soo NOT into pink when i was little!!)
Wellllll.... i'm embracing my wild side! :D
I have always wanted to make a quilt with bright pinks, greens, blues, whites, purples... but then i catch ahold of myself ...cuz my love of prim far outweighs these little crazy moments. And besides... WHERE would it go?? LOL it would stick out like a sore thumb at my house!!
Well no better time... Dana from Old Red Barn Co. is having a quilt along! I have long admired her quilts (bright and funky) and her quilter's skill - Russ from Back Porch Quilters - seriously drool every time she posts a new one that he sends back!
She is doing a 6 week quilt along.. and giving step by step instructions, with pictures, and a group over on flikr. Check it out! and I thought no better time to try this than NOW!!! hee hee! I am soooo excited!
So I got my strips cut, sewn together and the blocks cut. Laid it out in my family room..... now to sew all the blocks together.. and then... to ... gulp..... quilt it. This is a BIG HONKER and i am reallllyyyy not excited about the quilting portion!! LOL (small girth sewing machine does not make this fun! lol)
So... laugh all ya want at my HOT PINK, GREEN & BLUE quilt!! But I LIKE IT!!! :D
hee hehe heheheheee


Jacque. said... looks soooo good, Bren! I'll be posting a photo of my progress later tonight. We're both way outside our 'norms' and it's so much FUN!!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Definitely beautiful colors, Bren!! Sometimes we have to branch out and do something crazy!! The colors are uplifting for sure!!
And I loved your pix from Tyler ~ my friend, Donna, was there and had a great time!! Thanks for the post on all the neat rugs!

Joanne said...

Bren I love it - love the colors together - the prints look antique actually - I can't believe how much you did already - who says you can't like that and prim! You should see my house! I painted a room "Panama Rose" because of the darkest pink in a bowtie quilt that was found in my grandmother's attic! LOL!

Dianne said...

Wow I love those colors! I've been doing a lot of things lately in greens and pinks and browns! It's funny how you're drawn to different things at different times!

WoolenSails said...

I love it, love happy colors too.
I usually make fun quilts for other people since it doesn't match anything in my house.


kelley said...

I'm going to go rest my head and add a cold compress, maybe hang on to the phone in case I need to call 911 since those colors are giving me chest pains...ummmm, they coordinate nicely and your piecing and pressing look great...and uh, glad you're happy with it...(rolling eyes and giggling - you know me and color)

moosecraft said...

"they just make me smile, and feel like turning in circles and blowing bubbles, and playing hide and seek... basically an inner child" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those words Bren!!!!! They make me smile too! :-) Your quilt is looking fab! Great summertime-take-a-nap-on-the-front-porch kinda colors! I really like the light blue fabric with the orange flowers on it! You go girl!!!!!!

Lori said...

Well, I'm not gonna laugh Bren! Although a far cry from our primitive colors it is pretty and very cheerful. But you may have to wear sunglasses when you are quilting it! lol

Lori R

Sheri said...

Brenis, You crack me up! Your "alter ego" quilt! Hilarious!!! I personally LOVE the bright colors. But I understand how they won't just go anywhere.

Brenis said...

LOL you guys!!! Kelley, you crack me up!! Lori, yes, I probably will!! hahaha!! And THANK YOU to everyone else that embraced the wild side of this with me! :D
I am considering keeping it for myself... selfishly... lol... but more than likely it will be for my daughter :) ssshhhhh she reads the blog!