Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adult ADD and quilt progress

Quilt along progress... got all but two rows sewn together of my alter ego quilt :) Yay! Shoulda finished that up today... but was going all ADD after being stuck at home with no car for 3 days... and got a bee in my bonnet to do this instead.....
I think it's going to be wayyy cute once it's quilted and all puckered up!! Isn't it sweet ? I used the left over odd sized blocks from the alter ego quilt, and bleached muslin, since that's what I had. Everything was going along juuuussstt fine... until I added that top row... and ruh roh!! Why's that one soo much longer than the others??!! LOL... apparently one of my odd blocks was a good bit larger than all the others and threw that whole top row off!! Well i'll be darned if i was going to pull it all out - specially since i didnt have another block! lol So... did the next best thing... improvised a little!! hahaha!! Added some extra borders to the side - it needed it anyway! :D And besides, I did this not only because i thought it would be wayyyy cute, but because i wanted a smaller one to practice machine quilting on. Well... it didn't turn out much smaller. LOL This one is 46 by 72, the other is 72x84 - so i shrunk one side down at least! hahaha!!
And my friend Jacque has informed me that the reason i hate to machine quilt is because i don't have the correct sewing machine foot - that supposedly makes it MUCH easier! So I'm willing to give it a go! I bought a darning foot off of ebay and hope it arrives before i totally lose interest in trying to quilt these myself! LOL And if that doesn't make it easier and more enjoyable (ANYTHING has to be more enjoyable than the two I have done previously!!!) well then... Jacque is going to quilt ALL my quilt tops from that point forward!! Whoooohooo!!! Lucky meee!!!! :D
I want to do a wonky log cabin next! Squares squares and polka dots! LOL Having soo much fun!! My poor comstock rug has taken a little vacation till i can get this out of my system! :P
Hoping to get my van back tomorrow so i can get outa the house!!! Been scootering all around my little 2 mile radius the last few days :)
Hope you have a blessed day!!!


WoolenSails said...

Quilting can be addicting;)
Having a good machine and the right feet can make a difference. It is amazing what all the new machines can do.


Mary said...

I think your "little" quilt is cute! And what an offer from Jacque! Can't wait to see your progress on your comstock rug.

Dianne said...

Very cute! You've done a great job!

arlyce said...

both tops are so cute--please let us know how you make out with machine quilting--it is something I've wanted to try but can't drop the feed dogs--arlyce

TamboinMO said...

Lovin' your alter ego quilt. Of course your alter is my ego!! Can't ever get enough pink!!!

Gail :) said...

Gorgeous! I love the happy accidents! It looks so planned :)