Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Camp #1

Woohoo!!! Today is day 1 of 2 of rug camp with Karen Kahle! :D Bummer, i couldn't find a picture of the rug I will be hooking in her class, to post here. I'll be hooking "Majolica". A graphically strong rug of 8 leaves ... and hit or miss. Should be totally fun! I'm looking forward to her lectures on color theory, as she has a unique way of doing things... a gorgeous way!! And I love learning about color interaction - I always learn something new, that twists my thinking and opens my mental boundries to new ways of doing things. :) This week is a crazy busy schedule, between camp, and teaching at the shop, and getting ready (prepped) for Calli's party. (with the SUPER SECRET SURPRISE GUEST Mwuahahahaha!!) So i may not be posting much.. but will try to catch up once the week is done. :) Afterall, we have give aways coming up!!! :D Riiigghhtt??? :D We had dancing lessons last night. And ya know what? It was totallllly FUN!!! We are actually at the point of DANCING now! Woohooo!!! Not just "stomping out steps" ! :) I think everyone in our group is up to speed... and the last little thing the teacher threw in last night didn't throw us for as big a loop as anticipated. Yay!! Granted... lefty klutz here still had an issue with starting with the wrong foot, and loosing one of the 12 new steps. (doh!) But thankfully the teacher corrected me quickly enough that I didn't continue to practice it incorrectly! :) And after that it was smooth sailing! Fun Fun!!! Next week we start the Cha-cha. Huh boy!! Can you say "cha-cha-cha"? :D K, i need to go get ready to go. A fun day of hooking and learning ahead. I praise God for such a gorgeous day, hot coffee, my wonderful husband, and great kids! And thanking Jesus for being my saving grace!! Praying for continued health for all the people I know, in this crazy time with the swine flu floating around. I hope you have a wonderful day today, and strive to learn something new!! Bright blessings, Bren :)

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