Saturday, May 2, 2009


So... my girlfriend Jacque and I have been talking. Scheming is probably more appropriate a word. LOL
She is creeping up on her "Blogaversary" and I am creeping up on my 200th post. (wow hard to believe, since I don't post regularly! lol) So we've decided we are going to do some fun give aways! I am still trying to figure out what all I am going to offer. But I think I'm going to do several! :)
And if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I'm a little ornery when it comes to getting my kid's anticipation all psyched up for an event! LOL Some people call it mean. I don't think it's MEAN!! I think it's FUN!! :D Fun for them and me! haha!
For example... little miss Calli is turning 7 on May 9th!
And she is really into surprises this year. Soooooo ... that being said... i HAVE to do something cool for a surprise - right?
She knows she is having a birthday party. She doesn't know where? She doesn't know what we'll be doing. AND... she doesn't know the SUPER SECRET SURPRISE GUEST that we have scheduled to show up! :D Muwahahahaha (that was my evil laugh. lol)
And you do know of course, that I am bringing it up at every opportunity, telling her she is going to LOVE it, and how exciting it is!! And that it's not something she'll be able to guess!
I'ma tease. I totally admit it!! LOL!! And for those of you that think that's "mean" - you do know that she is getting more and more excited by the day because of the anticipation/surprise factor - right?? How is that not fun???
Sooooo that being who I am... and owning it.. LOL.... I am stewing for something fun for some giveaways here! Are you going to play along?? This is post 191.....
9 more and counting! :D


Jacque. said...

Great minds and all that...did you see my blog for today? haha...posted about giveaways.

I cannot wait for Calli's must take many, many photos to share with everyone. She will be beside herself with excitement!

And, as for IS mean. Therefore, I will be teasing you for many, many weeks about your upcoming birthday gift(s).

Maria said...

Oh you are soooooooooo bad... but in a good way. I'm dying to know who the big surprise is for Calli's tell? BTW how do you tell how many posts you've written? Maria

Anonymous said...

Toooo fun Bren! I am waiting with anticipation.

Tell Calli I hope she survives she moms tauntings and she has a very fun filled Birthday and I know whatever you have planned will. ;o)

primitivebettys said...

Happy early Birthday to Calli! It sounds like you are planning something super special & super sneaky! :) How fun!