Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Workshop

Well, it's coming along!
We're opening in a few short days!!
The place we're opening and pouring our heart souls into is a WORKSHOP.
It's going to be centered around learning, and creating.
Classes, classes and more classes!
We want it to be a warm, inviting space that people want to come to - to hang out, work on their projects, learn new things, create - and just DO ART.
In any of it's many forms!
We want it to be inspiring, motivating, colorful and FUN!
Each month, we will be offering 15-20 new classes.
Sculpting, collage, painting, rug hooking, stamping, jewelry, mosaics, needle felting, sewing, painted fabrics, dying, you name it!!
Date nights, mommy and me classes, senior classes, ladie's night out...
Basically a community creative center!
We are sooo very excited!!!
And soooo very overwhelmed at the moment trying to pull all this together!!!
We open March 3rd.
Our ad just came out in the country register, our cards arrived and we're printing off flyers as I speak. Buying supplies for the classes, renovating the building we're in, getting the back end of the business taken care of - all the paperwork etc.
Madness i tell ya!! :)
Eventually we'd like to bring different teachers in and have 2-3 day workshops centered around a specific art. Eventually we'd like to be able to carry all the supplies needed for certain kinds of projects. But right now, we are just focuses on getting it together and opened... on a shoestring budget... and it can grow from there.
The chairs you saw in the last post are a few of the chairs for the shop itself... many tables and chairs just waiting for eager students to sit in them! :)
If anyone peeked in the window right now though... 7 short days before we open... holy shamoly! all they'd see is one big MESS!! So we are frantically working to get it all done in time!
Oh.. and I still have models to make!
I hope you'll bear with me while I make this transition. I think it will all mellow out a bit and find a nice solid routine once we've been open for a little while. :) In the meantime though... i won't be around much!
I'm in the process of building the website, programming the shop computer, lining up cc services and getting the schedule hammered out. You should have something to "see" soon!!
Until then.. be well - be happy, and be thankful to the Lord above for each and every blessing!!


Anonymous said...

Bren with your energy it will be a complete success! I wish I lived closer so I could take some of your classes. They sound fun!!

Congratulations on your new venture. Best of Luck on your opening. Paula

Plumruncreek ♥ said...

Bren~Send me some of your energy my way!! LOL!! You're living a dream that would love to do. Blessings and best wishes to you!!

moosecraft said...

What an awesome adventure!!! Best of everything to you Bren!!!

whimseycreations said...

Bren, now DON'T step on those felting needles girlfriend! According to your post (and I just found your blog today) you open today and I hope that opening was everything you wanted it to be and more. Big hugs!!! Jill

Mike said...

Ditto Here . . .I just found your blog for the first time in a lonnng time and discovered your business opening! Wow! You go girl!

Your Daddy sends love and best wishes for a fabulous/ wonderful opening . . . .and long success !!!

Anonymous said...

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