Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm alive! :D
I'm elated!
I'm excited!
I'm "pingin" !
I'm a nervous wreck!
I'm so busy I can't see straight!
And it's ALL GOOD!
God is sooo good!
He has provided every step of the way for the shop!
Granted we are not totally done yet. But yes we are open! First class is this friday :D
Got some decor up yesterday, finally. Still more to do. Still need to dye tons of wool and fill up that wool room! But getting our models done - heh heh you're probably thinking "just now??". Yup. There's been no other time to get em done with all the other stuff that needed to be done first! Priorities.. priorities!
I WILL take pictures and post them here soon. As soon as we get things where we want them!
Yesterday was awesome. Besides all the things we got accomplished, I got to talk to my Dad. I've really been missing him and thinking about him a LOT lately! And his birthday is TOMORROW!
I'm really really proud of him... he's at a place in his life that he is living his dream!! He worked for years to get his letter for the National Watercolor Society. He was accepted last year (i think?) and highlighted with a series of paintings. He's been teaching and loving every minute of it. Well a little over a month ago he was invited to be the first Vice President of the National Watercolor Society !!!(association? i might have my terms mixed up?)
Talk about living your dream and doing what you love!! I'm soo thrilled for you Dad!!
Check out his blog... he's such a talented man!
Well i need to scoot and get out of the house.
I hope you have a great day! I will try to get online more often... but no promises for the next couple of weeks :( But after that we should hit our stride and I'll be back to blogging about all the non-consequential things again! LOL!!
Bren :)


WoolenSails said...

Well, I see where you get your talent and love of the crafts. He is really talented and his work is beautiful.


bluejeanprimitives said...

I SO wish I could come visit! It sounds beyond exciting!

And Good for your Daddio too!!!

Jean :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sounds like everything is coming together for you. Congratulations!!! Hope your first class is a huge success....
Just popped over to your dads site and his work is amazing. A very talented and gifted man.
(even sent him an email to wish him Happy Birthday lol)

Mike said...

I have been flooded with emails and blog comments today . . .all with good birthday wishes.

Thanks, Bren! And thanks to all you ladies who sent them! :-)

Mike said...

Thanks to all who sent email . . .

I have since posted something you all may find curiously similar to the wonderful, lively lady who writes this blog.

Drop around again and click the link at the bottom of the post. (After you've read the post, of course!)

JoJo said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to your Dad. And I think we can all "see" your excitement about the new shop. I hope your first class exceeds your expectations and you have a wonderful time.