Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick Baby

Well my baby woke up feeling sick this morning. Complaining of her stomach hurting :(
Poor thing!! :( She was trying to rest in this picture. Isn't it pathetic when little ones are sick?!
Wellll she finally threw up, and then she felt a bit better. I have a lot of things to finish sewing today, for Christmas. So I took her and the little dvd player downstairs with me, made her a little bed to snuggle up in, and put on Santa Claus is Coming to Town movie! :) (one of my all time faves. lol) She got soooo into it this year!!! It was right up her alley - answering all her questions! Yay!!
So now she's watching Rudolph :)
And after that Frosty of course!
And then if there's still a little movie time left... the Polar Express!!
What a fun sick day!!! :) LOL And i'm sooooo enjoying having her next to me down in my sewing room... singing together... answering Santa questions!!! I have been missing all that one on one time since she started school full time!! So.. i'm sad she didn't feel well. BUT i'm thrilled to have "stolen" a sick day with her! Definitely a blessing in my eyes!
Now.. all you "tadults" out there who are NOT in the Christmas spirit - i fully reccomend pulling out your favorite Christmas movies and watching some of them!! It will change your whole mood! :D
Calli has decided this weekend she needs to watch "The Santa Clause", Miracle on 34th st., and veggie tales The Toy that Saved Christmas. hahaha... i'm thinkin the next 9 days her anticipation level will be soooo high, she won't be able to sit still! LOL
Merry Christmas!!


Jacque said...

Oh Bren...how precious is she! I hope she's feeling better! How lovely to have a day like that with her...am sure she will remember it, too! Sew on!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Awww, poor gal. After getting rid of some of that stuff, I'm sure she'll start feeling better soon. What a great way to spend time with her though. I remember when I was younger and would stay home sick, my mom and I watched the old musicals on tv. I loved them so much, that I started to fake being sick, so we could watch more. Shh, don't tell Calli that lol.

Mary said...

Calli looks so cute on that couch! Sorry to hear she was sick but glad that you got to spend some time together. It's always nice to be needed. My one and only is in 1st grade too and she's just growing up too fast! Give her a hug from her "Aunt Mary" in MD.

Anonymous said...

how cute is she?! sure hope she is feeling better. My oldest Jessica is home today from school again she has been sick with this stomach viurs, had to get a shot today. She is so pale and weak has the shakes too. I hope this goes away soon.
Merry Christmas