Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Quilt

Well, my girlfriend Jacque got her Christmas present the other day, and just couldn't wait to open it - called me BEGGING to open it early!! LOL
So the softy that i am... i said - ok!! :)
She opened it on the phone with me... love that! It's almost as good as being there! And she loved it! Yay!!! I was so nervous that she wouldn't! I made SO MANY MISTAKES it wasn't even funny!! And i am THE WORST quilter in the world!! I love to piece though!! And i love making quilt tops! hahaha! But every one i have ever machine quilted, i have boogered up beyond belief! EXCEPT this one!! (woohoo!!!) I used machine quilting thread - and it was a lap size quilt like 60x60 or something - so it was "just" doable!! But alas.. i still made all kinds of other boogers on it! haha! I almost used that as an excuse to not give it to her, and keep it instead! LOLOLOL!! She's glad i didn't though - boogers and all! Yay!

So that's one of the things i was diligently working on! :)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL CHRISTmas!!!!!!!!!! :D


WoolenSails said...

I think you did a beautiful job on the stitching, prim is not supposed to be perfect;) Now I am about to finish the one I am making my daughter and that has so many boogers on it, it would make a better hanky, haha. That is what I get for going free motion instead of a standard outline stitch.


Gayle said...

Bren - This is too funny! Just this morning I finished sewing star blocks together that are exactly like yours - I think Buggy Barn and Sloppy do it just the same way. I have to get a project together to teach a group of ladies at church and I decided this would be a great beginner project. I'll send you a picture when I get the top all finished!

Joanne said...

Bren it looks beautiful - there are no mistakes when you stitch from your heart - which you obviously did! Love it!

Plumruncreek said...

You did a great job I LOVE it!! The colors are really good!!

primitivebettys said...

LOVE the quilt Bren!!! It is so wonderful!!! :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Just beautiful Bren!! Jacque, you are one lucky gal!!

michelle allen said...

Love your quilt! The colors and the details. Can I be your friend! : )

Merry Christmas Bren!
oh and can i get your address?