Monday, December 15, 2008

I'ma slacker when it comes to my blog lately!! Mostly because i have been working on several projects that are "secret" !!! Pictures will be taken and shown after Christmas. LOL :) Have been busy running back and forth to the shop, and working. Kids' concerts, and Christmas shopping. I have had several requests for more pics of our little retail space... so did snap some the last time I was down there! It's packed full right now - but looks better in person than in the pics. Remember we only have a little 130 square feet space to work with!! Please ignore my coffee cup that made it into two pics! LOL Cheryl made some absolutely gorgeous shibori dyed wool scarves! That's what you see hanging next to the yellow cabinet. They are so beautiful!! Sadly though.. many that come through our room now think ALL that wool in there is wool scarves!! hahaha!! Most people have no clue what rug hooking is, nor have they seen a hand hooked rug in person! But they are amazed when you explain to them that these rugs are made of wool - and they are instantly intrigued!! So that's tons of fun!! :) Our lights were falling down that night, and I got them back in place after taking pics. But they seem to keep falling back down. grrrr.
Have been working on some pillows for the shop. These are the tops i have done, and just need to sew them up and stuff them, and get them down there!!! I have found that the whimsical sells well down there, and after seeing these two blogs (Michelle My Belle, Red Shoes Blog), was totally inspired to do a few snowmen of my own!! LOL Granted, they are not nearly as cute as those two talented girls!! But it was still fun and got me in the spirit :)
I have a couple others in the works, and will share them as i get them finished.
Finally got OUR tree up and decorated!! woohooo!! And i need to start wrapping presents and getting things ready. Sooo fun!! I am still stumped on what to get my husband this year... but i have a small inkling of an idea... just don't know if i will be able to make it happen! And nooo... sadly i can't share that here either, as he occasionally reads the blog! LOL
I am VERY excited about being able to play Santa for a few friends this year!!! Have been giggling like a school girl for two days - and just can't contain this silly grin and excitement being able to do something fun and off the wall!! Was going around the house doing HO HO HO 's yesterday. LOL kids thought mom had been drinking!! hahaha! But once they found out what was going on, their mouths hit the floor and THEY started HO HOing!! :D
God has blessed us in abundance this year. He has provided for all our needs, and then some. And for the first time in many years, we have a little extra and are able to do a little extra this year to spread the blessing around :)
Are you in the Christmas spirit?
We are getting hit with a cold snap, snow and ice that will be lasting at least 2 weeks here. ugh. It is DANG COLD!! And as much as i dislike that kind of cold - i do so love big cozy sweaters, snow boots, fun scarves and snow angels!!! So... i'm trying to embrace it!
May you have a gorgeous Holy Spirit inspired day!


Anonymous said...

Oh Bren your store is so awesome, I so wish I lived closer. I want to see everything in person! You ladies have added so much to the store and are doing a great job with placement of your items.

The pillow tops are wonderful!

Hope you have continued success!

Joanne said...

I'm with Paula - would love to visit it! Paula - road trip! LOL! Your store looks great - warm and inviting and your pillow tops are adorable! You are too funny Ms Santa Helper's!


WoolenSails said...

Your shop looks wonderful and love the prim trees and decorations. I am glad you are doing well, and the fact that you think about sharing that with others, shows the true spirit of christmas.


Sherry said...

The store may be small Bren but OH what you two have done with it makes it BIG on the list of places I would love to go to!!!!!

I hope sales are going well for you!!!!!!!

Sherry aka: The Queen

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Pictures are great of the store and your projects Bren! Thanks for sharing. So glad to hear you are enjoying the holiday. Too many grumps that are out this time of year. Paula, better watch it, Joanne looooves to do road trips LOL!! Her, and her Garmin. Never a dull moment!

michelle allen said...

Your shop looks like I could go broke in there!