Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Wow - 2 posts in one day!! Can you believe it??!?!
This is a quickie! If you haven't seen this -The Star of Bethlehem - drop what you are doing and get it NOW!! I can't reccomend it enough!! For believers and non believers - this will blow your mind! This is something I think EVERYONE should see. It will change your perspective on a lot of things, move you to tears, and bring you closer to God. This is recounting of a factual scientific discovery of God's hand at work. You don't want to miss this!! We are giving a copy to everyone on our list this year! Here are the links to the website. I hope you take the time to order it, and watch it as soon as you get it! May you be as blessed by it as we were!!


Joanne said...

Bren - just ordered a copy for part of my Dad's gift for Xmas - thanks for the idea - i was trying to think of what else to get this man and this will be perfect! Right up his alley! Thanks for sharing - joanne

Brenis said...

Yay!! I bet he will love it! If you live close, invite yourself over to watch it with him! LOL!! It's just THAT COOL!!

katie said...

Oh thank you so much for the heads up on the Star of Bethelem dvd. Got it ordered and a bunch of us at the shop will be watching it.
Your family picture was great, everyone looks so happy.
thanks again for commenting on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Have read the book and look forward to the movie. GRS

Anonymous said...