Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Alive and Well

Yep, I'm alive and well :) Just a terrible blogger the whole month of november! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and were surrounded by friends and family and lots of laughter! I have been working on many different things lately. But sadly can only show you a few of them. The others are for gifts and I don't want to give away the surprise!! :) I've been dinkin around with the needle felting tools. Decided to make some purses for the shop. I still need to sew everything together.. but try to picture them finished! :) I'm going to put some big antique buttons on the front centers, with a flap closure. The one below was just fun to play with all the different yarns and rovings i had, so it's just a hodge podge of everything i could find! LOL
And of course, was called in by the polka dots. Why am i such a sucker for them??
Here's a quick snapshot of my curious George cat (her name is actually Pounce). But she was up there pokin around and when she saw me looking at her, she stood stalk still... like "you can't see me, but i can see you!" LOLOL I guess chubby doesn't realize she needs to hide her back end too!
I received the most wonderful gift this week!!!!! I just couldn't believe it!! I participated in a UFO Challenge, that was put together by my friend Kelley. And actually got quite a few rugs done, so was put in a drawing for a prize. Couldn't believe I won!! Well... this was the LAST thing i expected to see when I opened the box that Kelley sent!!!!!!!
Holy cow!!!!!!! I was speechless!! This is much bigger than "gift size" !! LOL Talk about an amazing, generous, gift that made me feel soo... honored!! It's just so rare that people who create, get handmade gifts!! And as someone that creates, they are top on my list to get!!! This was just soo wonderful! I was doing the happy dance all over the house, my kids thought i was nuts. LOL And this is now proudly hanging in my studio - front and center! Can you say deliriously happy?!?!?
****So just a little side note to you hookers out there - hook one of your hooker friends a rug!! No one else in this world will appreciate every little loop that you pulled, as much as they do!! And don't go thinking.. well they hook... they probably don't like the way i hook, or.. they could make it themselves.. blah blah blah. It's soooo different receiving a piece of someone else's work, that just being surrounded by things you yourself have done!!
I proudly show off things my friend or other artists have done, and very rarely bring mine into the spotlight!! ****
Ok.. i'm out of time for today. Who knows when I'll be back? I have so many goodies to finish up by Christmas - if you don't hear from me by January 1st - please send the (cute) firemen over to my house to dig me out of my craft room - i might be buried alive in wool!! (heyy... it could happen!! LOL You haven't seen my craft room!!)
Until next time... wishing you much brightness and cheer, blessings in abundance and the true warmth of the Spirit this Christmas season!!! Let Jesus shine through you!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love your needle felting ~ maybe it will inspire me to do some, too!! And your hooked prize is very nice ~ I wouldn't have to thought give something hooked to a hooker ~ so thanks for the suggestion! I would be happy to receive something hooked, too! Have a good Holiday and good to 'hear' from you again!!!

Jacque said...

Hey Bren...good to see you're keeping busy. HA! Love the family photo!

Brenis said...

Glad you stopped by Alice! Good to see you too!! Hope some kind of inspiration struck! :) I love that we can all share things and get motivation from each other!
Have a great day!!

katie said...

Oh my that black cat and sunflowers shoule be hooked.
Love the needle felting you are doing.
Dr. said I will be fine, just a bump in the road of life. I pray I see the purpose in this bump in the road and use it for God's glory. Have a great week-end.