Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa's on his way

I have 3 very giddy, very excited children right now, tracking Santa's whereabouts on !!
Calli is beside herself!! LOL I think Christmas Eve is literally THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I don't care what the scientists say. lol For kids (and adults) it is the day that seems to last forever!! :D I am taking the kids roller skating today. To help pass the time!!
Then we're coming home and baking cookies.
Then it's off to church.
Then we're going to Grama's for Christmas Even dinner and presents exchanged between Gramas and kids.
home and trying to get them to fall asleep!!
ya.... right!!! :D
Can you remember the excitement YOU felt when you were their age???
I CAN!!!
And sleep was NO WHERE to be found!! LOL I still hear the bell. So do my kids! :)
Do YOU?? *****
I started on a new rug last night. It's been forever since i hooked last. Been going thru major withdrawls!! My friend Kelley designed a sweet little pattern, and I was eager to get going on it!
Felt SO GOOD to just sit and pull some loops and reeelaaaxx!!
Don't know if this color scheme is going to work or not? Still trying to decide.
Medium value backgrounds have been my self imposed challenge this year. (well that and florals lol) They're a booger to work with! But it can be done - and they turn out awesomely old if you can get it right! So we'll see where this one goes! :)
All my chores are done. Wrapping is done. Grocery shopping is done. House is clean. I am as ready as I'll ever be! LOL Still can't believe it's Christmas already!! This year has FLOWN by!! :(
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve day!!!
Blessings, Bren


WoolenSails said...

And when you are all done with all that, you can come over and help me, lol. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and love the colors in the rug.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

The rug colors are really good ~ and congratulations on being ready for Christmas and going skating~ I'm skating, too, trying to get as much done as possible!! Happy Holidays to you, Bren!

kelley said...

I love it!

Jerusalem said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your day was extra lovely!

Maria said...

After seeing how wonderful yours is Bren, I'm going draw that pattern out right now....LOVE THE COLORS....Great design Kelley! Maria