Thursday, November 20, 2008

Easily Amused

Hiya! I know.. i haven't posted much at all lately! I have been in and out of town, runnin' like a banshee trying to get things done for the shop, grocery shopping, and just all around busy! Danny and I got to run away for a couple of days. A MUCH NEEDED respite! It's amazing to me how much more fun, more patience, more easy going-ness i have after being away from the kids for a little while! You don't always realize that you're at (or close to) your limit, until you take a step back - know what i mean? Tuesday after school, we (my kids and i) were hanging out in the kitchen just chattin and joking around. Bay made a comment about some significant thing that had happened a week or two ago at school concerning the girl he likes. :) But he wouldn't tell me in front of his sister! So we went out to the front porch for some privacy. He's so cute! So fun at this age, when they are actually open enough to talk to you!! I can't help it, i love it!! :) Then out walks Emily, and plops down on the front step with me. I ask her if there's any boy in particular she has her eye on? She says nooope. Bailey immediately says OH YAH! AS IF! YOU HAVE TO TELL CUZ I TOLD! lololol And pretty much lets her know if she doesn't tell me, HE would! (ooh the love and intricacies of siblings!) too funny! So she fesses up. Then up drives Dad. So I urge Bay to tell Dad what he told me. (he's blushing and embarrassed and stalling.. lol.. but he does). Then Calli comes and tells me some little boy in her (1st grade) class KISSED her!!!! :-o (i find out thru a series of "mom questions" that was a made up little fib!!!) About that time, Calli comes out and spies something in the back of Dad's truck. It's a kid thing obviously - so she goes running. In the next minute Calli is shoving herself into this Little Tykes car (you know the Fred Flinstone kind that you peddle with your feet? And are actually made for 1-2 year olds?? Calli's 6 by the way. And Bay is almost 12!) Well... she can barely get herself in there... so there's no room to "peddle" her little legs. LOL Except about half an inch at a time :) So then she realizes she can lift her feet and go FLYING (in all directions cuz of those funky spaztic wheels) down the hill! The kid crashed the mailbox, the car, herself, our neighbors bushes.... lol ... you name it. Well thats about all it took to interest Bailey! This is a crashing machine! COOL!! Yep.. you got it! So he starts throwing himself on top of the little car (to get momentum you know) and down the hill! Next thing ya know, Calli is inside the car, feet lifted, and holding on for dear life on the sides, with Bay on top, hurtling them (screaming the whole way) down the hill!! Back and forth they went, up and down the hill. Howling in laughter! They were hilarious! It was absolutely GORGEOUS out that night... it had been in the low 70's all day, and wasn't even chilly yet as the sun was setting. So we were all just hanging out on the porch watching these two dorks go up and down the hill. At one point, i pointed out to Bay & Cal that this little car was supposed to be for babies. And that Calli could barely squeeze herself in. Soooo smart alec Bailey proclaims - "nuh uh! it's just my size!" hahaha! I say oh yah.. right... cuz you can fit IN it, riiiggghhhttt?? LOL Bad move mom. I ought to know better than to challenge one of the boys on something like that. lol Because it's in their DNA makeup that they HAVE to PROVE it now! So Bay proceeds to bend, wiggle, extend himself thru and into this little car. He reminded me of a clown at the circus.. or "how many people can you squeeze into a VW Bug?" LOLOL It was pretty funny watching him get himself in there!! But he did it. He proved he CAN fit! LOL If you don't count the fact that his head, feet and arms aren't IN the car!!
I was rollin!! the ONLY thing that fit IN the car was his BUTT!!!
Yep... he's a pretty mature 12 year old! :)
And it was even funnier watching him try to get OUT!
Hey... see that pink flamingo?????
I'll let ya in on a little irk of mine. LOL
I really really dislike yard animals. You could even say i despise them. Yep.. that's pretty accurate!!
Well... my honey Dan... he thinks that's just an open invitation. And he giggled like a little boy when he realized i wasn't kidding! Oh yes... because i had provided him with a nonharmful, less than important button he could push! oohhh and he LOVES to push it!!! :D
In his business he is constantly coming across yard decorations, and all kinds of junk. So.. he thinks it's an absolute riot to leave little surprises for me in our front lawn, or flower beds.. and then just waits... snickering and waiting until i comment on them! It about kills him if i don't say anything for days!! (my payback!) LOL
So... so far, I think we've had 15-20 different flamingos show up in our yard... and about 13 of those times i removed said animal and helped it find a home in the trash.... without saying a word. LOL Made the mistake of commenting on the first few!!
THIS one however... must have more lives than the cat out of Pet Semetary!! He just keeps comin back! I even stuck it in our neighbors trash one time - and poof he was back! I'm starting to think he needs to take a visit to the grocery store's big trash compactor :)
Considering a little knome showed up two days ago!! Aaarrrrggghhhh!!! Anyone wanna smack my husband for me?? :D Anyway... it was a much needed, wonderful evening, spent on our front steps laughing together as a family - with this as a backdrop!! Can a girl ask for more??? I don't think so!!
Gorgeous november sunset in Colorado :) Laughter. Love. Family. THE BEST! :)


coinguyslady said...

I have a little something for you over at my blog.

Tell us more about the shop.

JoJo said...

Sometimes, I really miss those days when the kids were younger and we'd do crazy things like this. Lately, life has been such a drudge with so much stress. When my husband called yesterday at lunch, all I could do was cry. It's just overwhelming. I'm spending a lot of time in prayer but no answers yet.

It 'does' sound like you had a wonderful evening, Bren, and your sunset is gorgeous. I'm a bit envious of your laughter and good times.

Jacque said...

Sunset, family, sharing...what could be better than that??? Your kids crack me up, Bren!

primitivebettys said...

It sounds like you all had the most funny evening ever!

I've posted an award for you on my blog... swing by when you have time. :)

Trudy said...

OMG Bren,

I would have been freaking out with worry, and there you are laughing them on! I would be the one saying, 'someones going to take an eye out doing that!' My poor kids, its no wonder that they have turned into such unadventerous adults...all my fault.

Loved the story and the pics, and am patiently waiting for news on how the shop has been doing?

Wooly hugs,

PS Brenda does have the most amazing stuff, I wish I had a magic credit card that would let me shop just for me!!

Brenis said...

Thanks Vicki & Betty!!! That is soo sweet!! :D I will try to get them posted this week!

Jojo - i am sooo sorry you are in such a yucky storm!! I am keeping you lifted in prayer my friend! And the Lord WILL ANSWER your prayers! Stand strong girlfriend!! The storms are tests in faith, that refine us and make us stronger in Him, so we can go on to glorify Him in ways we wouldn't have been able to!! Stay in the Word and sing praise my friend!!!
Love you!!!!

Trudy - ohhh i think i produced about 20 more grey hairs that day!! LOLOL!! The ONLY reason i wasn't freaking out, i think, was because we had just returned from 2 very relaxing, rejuvinating days alone! LOL!! So my patience meter was at an all time high!! (or low??) haha!
I will be taking a camera with me tomorrow to the shop, and will post a few more pics :D
big hugs to you!!!
xo Bren