Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quick post

Real quick... here is a pic of my rug. The gold is soft and muted and the values are about right.. but the gold looks more like old mustard gold in person, rather than tan. lol
I have been on the run all morning and day... some really exciting stuff... can't wait to share it with you if it comes to fruition!!!! But for now, I have to bite my tongue.. and see how things are going to play out! I'm hoping to post some of the in progress rugs from camp tomorrow!
Bren :)


Kathy (woolfind) said...

You know how to leave a girl hanging lol. I look forward to seeing the pictures.
By the way Bren, Thanks for getting me addicted to scrabulous! Now I'm going through withdrawl since it shut down lol.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Forgot to say I love the rug you are doing here. The colors are wonderful and I bet the gold background looks gorgeous in person.

Lori said...

A gorgeous rug Bren. Love the colors and it has such an old look. I bet it's a hundred times better seeing it in person.

Lori R

Anonymous said...

Bren, Your rug is wonderful. I love the colors!! I don't like to many flower rugs but this one I would like to hook.

Brenis said...

Thanks you guys! :)
I'm not a big flower rug person either, but i keep trying! LOL

Kathy- love your new blog!! And i am sooo bummed about scrabulous disappearing! :( If you find any other good sites let me know, k? :)
xo Bren