Sunday, October 5, 2008

Camp pics #1

So, I'm sitting here in the pitch dark...only the light from my computer screen... good ole' light bulbs blew here in the office... haha ..and apparently i need to go buy light bulbs tomorrow! Thought there were some in the closet, but nope! So please forgive any faux pas! Can't see the darn keys - specially for the numbers or symbols!
OK, so i thought i would show bits at a time. I wish i had gotten pics of everyone at the camp, but by the time i actually thought to take pics of all the participants, half of them had already left :(
So here we have Sandy's rug in progress. This is a Barb Carroll pattern, i'm not quite sure of the name? It's a weather vane of a guy hunting, and his dog. I "think" the weather vane is tied to a big corn stalk or something? lol At least that's how sandy and jule interpretted it! So... she is doing the guy, dog and deer in a dark kahki green, with dark navy lines. She is going to have a dark dark red (ox blood) background. You can kind of see it around the man.
Well mr. man wasn't showing up so good!! So Jule suggested she outline him with the gold from the stars. Outline him directly next to the kahki, and then still have the red background. I thought.. ewww.. really? I knew it would make him pop and stand out, but it sure didn't sound like it would look good! LOL Well... i gotta tell ya... it really DID look good!! And he not only showed up.. but it kind of looked like the sun was setting behind him.. and he was just haloed in light! I sure wish i would have gotten a snapshot of it after she did that!! Now, her border.... this is something very cool that Jule taught, and repeated several times... for unique borders, look for shapes or things, or negative space in the rug. Some things are obvious... but she really focuses on things that are NOT obvious! Do you see the little "crook", or wavy line of negative space above the mans hat, and down over his face? THAT is what she pulled from to make the border!! HELLO!!! Now how many of you would have thought of that???? I know i sure wouldn't have! LOL! So she had sandy draw a very funky, some high, some low wavy line. On one side (outside) would be hit or miss of all the colors and wools used in the rug. On the inside of the black line, it will be all mixed antique blacks and kahki's. All her stars (there are 4) will be the mixed golds. Gonna be pretty stunning when it's done!!! This is Sandy... hookin and talkin!! And any of you that know her, know this is how we see her most of the time! LOL OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOW I LOVE THIS RUG!!!!!!!!!!!!! And ooh how i wish my camera liked me!! I could not manage to capture the absolute richness, and true colors in this rug! :( Sandy hooked this also. She's almost finished, and it is just magnificent!! This too is a Wooley Fox pattern, i believe it's called Grande Fleur (?) It has an eggplant background and a bunch of different sage and kahki-ish greens. It's just stunning in person! You can click on these photos and enlarge them, sometimes that helps in seeing the details better! And last but not least this is another rug hooked by Sandy. :)
I am going to try to show you the rugs each were working on at camp and some of the ones they brought to show. Kind of fun!! Although I didn't get the names for all the rugs there... so hopefully i dohn't make a mash of this! LOL
This is the barn on Vicky's property. Isn't it picturesque?! Yes... it really looked like this!! Can you tell i am on a motivated high? haha! All that color and creativity around me - I'd have to be DEAD not to be infused by it! LOL I don't know who hooked both of these, but they were at camp, so i know one of the gals hook them!! That's it for today!! More on the way tomorrow! :D
Have a blessed week!
Bren :)


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...can't wait for more photos of camp rugs! Looking at what others do is so inspiring and motivating! Your camp rug is looking really good! Glad to know you had a good experience with Jule Marie.

katie said...

wow, isn't it great seeing all the talent all in one place. What a thrill . The setting was beautiful oh those aspens.

p.s. love the music

kelley said...

What a joyous setting for a retreat...hmmm...would like to see the Rockies she having camp next year? I know I don't like to travel...but for this...

michelle said...

what a beautiful place for a retreat! the rugs are AMAZING! i really love the one you're doing on the previous post. the colors are perfect! this looks very labor intensive but fun and so rewarding when finished. oh, to be a hooker : )