Friday, October 3, 2008

Picked up some fun goodies!

This year at camp, Dixie did something fun and new! She had a bedroom dedicated as "the shop", and it was FULL of prim goodies! She had been cleaning out all summer, and decided some things had to find new homes. Antique bobbins, little quilts, hooked dolls, prim sheep, brooches, make do's, all kinds of cool stuff! I had the hardest time restraining myself!! But money's been pretty tight the last two months or so with all the birthdays and sports, so i had to! BUT... couldn't NOT buy some of these goodies... right?!?
So confessing right now and sharing with all of you what I bought, besides more wool of course!
This is a darling little make do pear, made out of and old quilt. Actually quite large and stands about 8" tall and different on all three sides. :) Saw this and HAD to have it! LOL awesome makedo pincushion that was made with wool... appliqued pennies and hooked star on top... and check out that little dangling sheep!! And last but not least........ i LOVE this mug!
I have a thing for big coffee mugs with good big handles. I kind of collect them whenever i see them. And this one could NOT be passed up!! Never seen one like it! Do you see what she has in her hand? Here's the other side!! LOLOL I heart this mug!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok.. that's it for now. haha. And yes, i did buy wool too! :) More to come tomorrow! hugs, Bren :)


danasmith said...

I love that mug! I want one! I've had such a wonderful time reading your blog and seeing your beautiful rugs. Oh and you are one lucky hooker to have had Jule Marie Smith for a teacher! I'll be visiting your blog lots!
Dana in VA

danasmith said...

Let me try this name took me to my Scrapdoodles blog not my personal one.
Dana in VA

WoolenSails said...

What fun goodies, love them all. What a fun idea for a mug. That would be fun to make our own designs and make them into mugs.


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...LOVE the pear! And, the pincushion with the sheepie...and the mug! What fun!

katie said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I have watched your for awhile now and love the rug you are doing. It seems I am always in such a hurry, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you commenting, I will put your link on my blog if I haven't already.
Keep on hooking. The Aspen trees were wonderful. I haven't been in Colorado in 30 years. And I'm only a couple states away.

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