Friday, October 3, 2008

Back from Camp!

Hi !! :)
I'm back from camp! Wow, what a great 4 days! I had such a fantastic time!! It's always so wonderful to be around old friends, laughing, hooking and learning! And meeting new friends!
I don't think there's anything better!!
I have SOO much to share with you all! But there's no way to cram it all into one post - or even two or three! So i will probably be sharing differenting things throughout the next week or so. Lots of wonderful rugs, things i learned, and my poor photography attempts on all the INCREDIBLE aspens!
I've told you before, my cheesy little digital camera HATES yellows. LOL It's true! It distorts and changes yellows to greens or oranges - but never true yellows or golds - it's so weird. So... just know that these trees were absolutely magnificent in person, and according to my camera, they were only mediocre!!
This is where I was... Steamboat Springs, Co. All the golds and oranges on those mountains are aspens. Wish you could see the TRUE colors of that mountain!!I stayed with a friend, who just recently bought the most darling little farm - farm house, bunk house and barn included! It was such a warm cozy place to be! I loved it!
And look who I got to talk to while drinking my morning coffee!! :D

This is probably one of the closest in color of the aspens... i swear.. in person... it looks like they are on fire, they just GLOW!!! Isn't that insanely gorgeous?!?!? This was my teacher, Jule Marie Smith. She's absolutely DARLING!!! I really enjoyed her and learned a bunch!! And this is my rug in progress. Sorry... photography 101, rule #1 is something like never shoot a pic with direct backlighting if you don't want your subject to turn out black.

Am i right? LOL Well i lightened this pic the best i could! haha! Jule was doing show and tell with all the rugs.. standing in front of a bunch of windows - couldn't be helped! And you probably can't tell.. but that's a gold background. Each flower is completely different. I was having little panic attacks at how busy it would make everything. lol But she eased my "fear" (if ya really wanna call it that? what's another word?) quite adeptly! And we just "built" the rug one step at a time. Yep.. some are pretty bold!! specially for me!!

Ok... that's it for now. I might post more later today, or tomorrow. :)

Hope ya'll have a wonderfully blessed fall day! It is sooo gorgeous here today, and i intend to go out and enjoy it!! :)

xo Bren


WoolenSails said...

Oh, I am so jealous. Beautiful scenery and a great teacher. Your rug is beautiful, the color looks nice on my screen, just the yellow is muted to a tan, but I love it.


TamboinMO said...

The aspens are beautiful! I haven't seen those for years, not since I used to visit my grandparents as a small child.
Can't wait to see EVERYTHING that you will be posting in the next few days.

Plumruncreek said...

Your rug is beautiful!! So glad to hear you had a great time. You deserve it!!

Jacque said...

Cannot WAIT to see more of the's looking gorgeous, even if the colors are off. Sounds like a good time...YAY for you!