Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Camp pics #2

Hi! Back with some more pictures for you!
And Yay! My husband remembered to buy lightbulbs!! :)
I hope i have all these rugs combined with their right owners! I wish I would have gotten a pic of these first couple gals! They're darling!
This gorgeous (BIG) rug was hooked by Jenny S. It's absolutely gorgeous in person! Do take the time to enlarge these pics and you can see much more!! You gotta see how she did the background on this. This is a Sally Kallin pattern. Her company name is Pine Island Primitives.This is her web site - thanks Ter'e!! :)
This is a close up of her background. And this is the rug that Jenny was working on at camp. This is a Judy Cripps design from Rustic Rugs. Unfortunately Jenny was only able to be at camp about half the time, and had just started on her rug. But this girl can HOOK!! :)
Jule's reccomendation for the border on this pattern was to go with either the shape of the reindeer ears, or bodies. Making either Christmas lights, or bulbs around the border. Fun! Jenny is going to do a red background, as she wanted to be really Christmasy :)

This is a honkin long runner that Jenny is currently working on. It's going to be gorgeous!! This rug (i think) was hooked by Jenny's sister Jackie. Now what is sooo cool... is their mom Patty also hooks!! And they get together at rug camps sharing their love for one another and their passion for hooking. How COOL is that?! I LOVE how she did the paisley border!!

I believe this was also hooked by Jackie. I love this rug! I was thinking about doing this for camp also.. but i'm glad i made the choice i did. I'll get to this one eventually! :) She did a wonderful job on this, as a commemorative to 9-11. And this is Jackie's start on her camp rug. It's a large one.. and that sun was coming thru something fierce.. so I cropped it down to the part she had hooked so you could see it. She also had hooked the cutest lil goat on the other side. The rug over the trunk is an old one... and the fun sheep pillow, i don't know who hooked this? Next is Rebecca's. She left rather early also, so i didn't get a snapshot of her :*(

Blow this pic up so you can see the colors in this rug! Rebecca came to camp with three punkins drawn on her backing. She hooked one white, one browns and one orange, with a gorgeous eggplant background. Then they decided on a wavy quirky inner border and added fall leaves with a cut out, all over and every which way. It's going to be fantastic!! She's going to do the background in light browns on the outer border, and the leaves will be oranges. Fun fun!!

And i believe rebecca hooked this rug also :) I "think" this is an Edyth O'Neill pattern. A larger version than the one above from Jackie. Next is Kathy.
She is so fun! This girl takes no prisoners jumping into big rugs!! LOL!
And this one is complex and busy!! It's an antique design, that she wanted to recreate. And each medallion is different from the next. Holy cow - and i thought florals intimidated me!! haha!!
She's going to take each one seperately and do them all different. The "negative space" is the area between the circles. They create little diamonds, and Jule said to keep those repetitive... so Kathy is going to hook all the diamonds in the same colors with lights, darks, brights and dulls - same colors, and this should help keep the continuity through out the rug. How fun will this rug be when it's done?!!? Wow.. all i can say is kudos to her for even attempting it! And i bet it will look fabulous when she's done!

This is Kathy :)

And this is the rug she hooked in last years camp with Cynthia Norwood. She was sooo close to being finished!! And she has now decided to pull out those 2 hot pink flowers. It's awesome in person!! And i don't know how large it is... but i'm guessing about 4 feet by 4 feet?

And here's a close up of her background. Love it!!!!!! This is my favorite way to do an antique black background!!

Okeedokee, that's it for tonight! Time for me to get to bed.

I didn't hook today. BUT know what i did do?

I CLEANED OFF MY DESK!!!!!!!!!! LOL I can't even begin to tell you how ACCOMPLISHED i feel!!! hahaha! Seriously! I don't think i've cleaned it off for... mmm... about 3 months?! wow. can't believe i just admitted that! LOL!

Have a great day! :D


moosecraft said...

Hi Bren! Thanks so much for taking the time to post the beautiful pics from rug camp! They are all so gorgeous!!!! The honkin' long runner is my favorite... really love the paisley borders around the ship rugs... Ahhhh... I could go one and on! LOL! But thanks again for sharing these pics! Glad you enjoyed yourself as well!!! Too funny about clearing off your desk... I should do that today! ;-)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Bren,
What a way to start my day. Looking at all those beautiful rugs! They are awesome! I'm going to sit back with my cup of coffee and really take a good long look. Whew, Kathy's rug is a monster! It will be beautiful when done. I hope there's not something with the name. I'm looking to do bigger rugs each time too LOL. Thanks so much for sharing!

WoolenSails said...

Love seeing all the rugs, what a treat. That must have been a great camp. Thanks for sharing.


kelley said...

Great pics Bren...I am green with envy...

Brenis said...

LOL Debbie.... Jacque?? :D

Yay! I'm glad you guys are enjoying looking at them too :) I personally LOVE seeing other people's work... it sparks so much creativity and motivation... and to me intrigue! Just plain creative candy!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love these pictures, too! Yes, I remember Sandy ~ she was on the England trip two years ago ~ although we weren't in the same hooking group, I do remember that she was lots of fun!
Her Grande Fleur is beautiful!

Gayle said...

Bren - What awesome rugs were shown at rug camp - sure wish I could have been there too to see them in person! How many attendees were there at this camp? I'll bet you're still on a creative high - - -

Brenis said...

Hey Gayle!! There were 13 or 14 of us there I think. And I think there were another 12 or 13 at the next camp. She did 2 back to back.
Wish you could have been here too!!! Maybe next year!!? :D

Gayle said...

I'd LOVE to go next year - please keep me in mind when you hear about it!