Friday, September 26, 2008

Punkins and stress

I woke up feeling pretty punky this morning. I'd better not be coming down with something!!! So... as i sit here shivering in my jammies and a big sweater, i figured i could get a post written! :) In my spare time (LOL is there such a thing.. really??) I started hooking a few punkins. I hooked these while at the track meets. They hook up pretty darn fast, and was able to get one big one done in a couple hours, and two smaller ones done at one meet... I have a hard time just being idle! Anyway... yes.. they ARE wet. I had just steamed them when i took this snapshot. The other day i was on a roll!! I steamed 3 different rugs and these guys!! And then proceeded to bind two of those rugs!! woah! I was pretty proud of myself! :) Here's one of the punkin mats i finished at Wednesday's meet. I just stitched on a thicker (army blanket) wool on the back. Kind of a bear to stitch them on.. but they sure turn out cute!

I am spazzing and stressing this week. September tends to be one of our busier months. With 3 birthdays, school, sports and usually rug hooking camp!! And usually getting ready for the fall hookin to boot! Tomorrow our house will be flooded with a gaggle of 13 year old giggling girls. Why do they call it a 'SLUMBER PARTY' ??? They don't do much "slumbering" !!! Anyway... so running tons of errands, today... and finishing up cleaning the house, wrapping presents and making potato salad for tomorrow. Then at some point i need to start gathering wool for camp - as i leave sunday morning!

Here's what I decided on.

As I've shared before, good primitive florals stimy me - and this has become my own personal challenge for the last few years. And I have had my eye on the Pomegranates, Pineapples and Padulas for a couple years. So let's stop right there for a second, shall we? Do you know the size of that rug??? 39" x 82" . That's a large rug! So doing 'that thing i do' - I hardly ever do anything "half way" - i tend to jump in not just with two feet, but full steam ahead and whole body! LOL A 39" x 82" rug, that intimidates me is a perfect example!! LOL WHY do i do that to myself??? Now.. mind you... that size of rug isn't the intimidating factor - I LIKE large rugs! No.. it's the subject, and so much of it! So duhhh... why don't I tackle something smaller if i'm just learning and experimenting? Probably because, like i said, i tend to totally jump in and tackle things!

Well my girlfriend Jacque saved my hiney! She suggested that I hook something smaller and doable, but still in the floral realm. I was down to the last week, and didn't think i could find something in time! So.. she came to my rescue and said what about this one?

It's called Antique Symmetry by Monika Jones - Eh... didn't really light my fire... it's not really my style... but.. she was right... it was smaller (23" x 33") ... it has different flowers and would make a great learning piece! AND Jacque had it sitting there at her house!! LOL So I am going to hook on this at camp with Jule Marie -solely to give to Jacque for her birthday in Feburary! :D So this oughta be fun! I have no feelings about the rug at all.. going to give Jule free reign on colors and try to glean as much knowledge as I can in the process!! I'll let ya know how it goes!!

Oh.. and one last little tid bit... this cracks me up. I got busted "doing that thing i do" two days ago! Because of course, it's crunch time... i NEED to be creative! So.. i started a fun little project -it has to stay a secret right now, as the person it's for reads my blog! And just HAD to get it started NOW - even though i don't have to give it to her for another month!! (go figure!) And of course i have been doodling like a mad woman. What is it about time constraints that open the flood gates of creativity??????!!!!!! I have been on a dry spell for a little while now - and all it took was to have 20 things going on at once - and boom!! LOTS of ideas and motivation! LOL Yes.. i agree. I must be nuts!

Oh.. and Jojo - I'm so sorry i haven't posted pics of the laundry room yet!! :( It is done, (well, except caulking around the toilet ) and getting danny to put the chain in the drop down shelf! So I will get pictures taken and up as soon as I get back from camp! (and of course after i have a chance to clean it, since my kids are dirty little monkeys!) Deal? :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Say a little prayer for me that the Lord keeps me healthy!! I reallllllyyy don't want to go to camp sick!!

xo Bren :)


Plumruncreek said...

Hope you get to feeling better. LOVE all the stuff you hooked up!!!The colors are great! Julie:)

coinguyslady said...

Hello Bren,
Get better girl so you can enjoy camp.This is coinguyslady from wool snippets.Come see my blog sometime,I am very new to blogging.
Now go make something ;)

Sheri said...

I don't know how you do it all, girl. Save some energy for rug camp!

Gayle said...

Bren - Where is your rug camp with Jule Marie? I'd LOVE to have her for a teacher someday!

Brenis said...

Hey Gayle :)
The camp is in Steamboat Springs, this is our last year up there (sniff) If your group has enough people, you ought to try and bring teachers out to teach!! You usually have to plan a year to 3 years in advance... but if you get 7-10 people that would participate, you can have your own personal camp anywhere!!! :)

kelley said...

Crazy cool hooked pumpkins girlfriend...don't you love how every face has it's own personality
~ you better rest up for that trip over the need energy for Steamboat Springs!

BeFRuiTFuL said...

I love your hooked pumpkins what character they have!!!!! I have been think about creating my 3-d pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern. Have fun at camp. I live in Colorado during the summer months anyway.

A fellow Rug hooker.

Going to go add you to my blog favs.