Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weds track meets

Been busy lately :) I forgot to bring my camera last wednesday to Bailey's first track meet. So again, I used my phone - not the best pics in the world - but at least i was able to capture a moment here and there! :) The sun was beating down on us from 3:30-6:30 - about 98* that day, and we were all sweltering!! I had brought bottled waters, thinking it was only going to be about an hour long. LOLOLOL yah... ok!! So we learned our lesson!! Also, the kids have youth group at 7 clear across town. Sooooo it was run run run and eating fast food (gag). So today, I packed a cooler with a bunch of gatorade, and made a bunch of submarine sandwhiches, some chips and a water cooler!! Yeehaw! We're in business! Hoping Danny will bring his (way better than mine) camera and get some good shots of Bay this afternoon! That's Bay chuggin along in a relay race - coming in second!

Calli was HOT and sweaty. LOL this pic makes her look like she's almost in pain!? Poor thing!

She lost her other front tooth last night! I will be posting a pic either later tonight or tomorrow. Now i have to RUN!!

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Jacque said... looks so hot there!!! Try to remember your camera, next time! Love the photo of Calli...poor thing...ha!