Monday, August 25, 2008

Current projects & thoughts

Not posting much lately! Just been pretty busy with the kids, and new school schedules, and getting classes changed, and the house back in order, ya know? My computer is being very glitchy lately, so I'm not uploading any photos as that seems to make it freeze and crash almost immediately. I NEED to get my butt in gear and get an external hard drive and get it backed up and then try to fix it!! So if you don't hear from me for a while, that has a lot to do with it! This is the rug i am currently working on. Working on the border, which is really a fun different border - but pretty tedious! Pulling 5 loops of dark, and then 5 loops of light, and then switching to another light... it requires THINKING!! LOL So it's slow goin! But i'm hoping to finish this one soon, and one other before my camp with Jule Marie at the end of September - so i will be ufo free! And thus more capable of freely creating! I did finish the Beaver Valley rug! (and again, because of my computer, don't have the finished picture!) I even got it bound and steamed after taking this pic!! Can you believe it??? :) He's 26"x36", and was fun to hook! Both of these are my designs and you can find them on my website. The Beaver Valley is an antique reproduction that i fell in love with several years ago, and am making the pattern available. I'm not positive yet what i am going to bring to camp. I "thought" i knew and had decided... but now questioning my choice. Ugh. Donchya hate that? This is the one i thought i had settled on... i have had my eye on it for several years - and would love to do it with a teacher to help me along! Florals intimidate me for some reason.Why you ask? So much color... what's too much? What's not enough and boring? Am i balancing it all enough? Can i make each flower different? And if i do that i think it distracts the eye! So then what? Where do i start? Yah... florals just aren't easy for me! LOL But i LOVE how Monika hooked this - it all works! Everything about it! But i have never been one to copy something identically ! Until i see Monika's rugs and thennnn.... then i fall in love with exactly how SHE did it!! hahaha! Bad, huh? Are you familiar with her wonderful designs and website? If not, go check her out!! - just don't blame ME if you "have to have" 3 or 4 of her patterns!! haha!

Anyway... back to the conundrum of what to take to class? My other thought is "Jumping Eagle" by Emma Lous Lais. I have this pattern downstairs waiting for me - and i love it - and WILL hook it eventually! That might be kind of a fun one to do with Jule Marie.

But both of these are BIG rugs. Do i want to start another big one? Well it would definitely last me through the winter! :) I don't know. Sigh. Give me your thoughts? Have you had Jule? What kind of pattern would you take?

And just so ya know... i am one of those people that go to workshops TO LEARN. Yes camp is loads of fun!! But that's not why i go! LOL I truly want to learn from that teacher, i'm on a knowledge quest! Each teacher has their specialties... and have mastered certain things, and i hope they come to TEACH those things, and help further their students knowledge and abilities. Jule Marie is an amazing hooker... she has an incredible sense of color... whimsicals and primitives... complex designs and naive designs... borders... and so much more! I am really looking forward to learning from her!!

This has been my ultimate year in rug hooking camps! LOL I may never go to another one now! haha! Jayne Hester and Jule Marie have both been on my "top 3" list of teachers that i wanted to learn from, for the last 6-8 years!! I was blessed to take Jayne's class this spring, and Jule's this fall!!!! IN THE SAME YEAR!!! Yah.. i was so excited i almost wet myself! LOL!! (I don't admit that to many people. LOL But i know you hookers "get it" !! ) :D

Ok.. i could babble on forever, and that wouldn't be good! So i'll sign off for now!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

xo Bren :)


BeFRuiTFuL said...

Your rugs are gorgeous. I am hooking my first big rug right now. It is a challenge rug supposed to be finished by Jan 1st. That is when we can share photos. I love your pineapple rug.

From a another happy hooker.

Gayle said...

Bren - A friend of mine took a class with Jule last year in Santa Fe. I would LOVE to do that too, you're so lucky! Will she be in Denver? Or are you traveling a ways to the class?

BeFRuiTFuL said...

I just love your creations.

I chose you for the Primitive Excellence Award.

You can pick up the award at my blog.

Have a great day.

woolyredrug said...

Hi Bren,
Isn't it great that the kids are back in school? Now I'm trying to get myself more focused on work!

I’ve got a little surprise for you on my blog...Stop over when you have a minute and get it!

Wooly Hugs, Laurie

Jacque said...

Hey Bren! So, what'd you decide on for camp?? Have you worked any more on your pineapple rug? Want to see that one done! Beaver Valley is awesome!