Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pics of Bay at Track Meet

Yes.. i'm alive. :) Just been crazily keeping up with life... track meets, trombone lessons, gavin leaving, birthdays... I have tons to blog about, but just haven't had much time here at home! So will be trying to catch up! Wish i knew how to make a little mini slide show of all these pics, so i could just post the one unit and it would go thru each pic automatically, instead of taking up so much space! But unfortunately i don't know how!! Below are pics from the track meet... Bay is coming into his own!
400m relay.... Thirsty!! Tired!! :) This is one of the coolest pics to me! I am no photographer!! But capturing this moment in time, when big brother took little sister down to sit with his team and just hang out with special is that to her??!!! 2nd top tooth poof gone!
Cracks me up the lithping problem when they have no teeth in front!! LOL

I'm kind of a weirdo... i LOVE back shots of kids. Walking away.. holding hands.. walking down hallways... whatever! I just think it makes a statement. I have a really special one of Gavin in middle school, and Calli, who had just learned how to walk... walking down his school hall together. It grabs my heart everytime i see it! Bye Bay! You're definitely #1 in my book!


Jacque said...

Brenis...go to flickr or photobucket and make a slideshow and then post the url in your post. Easy. Great photos! Run long, Bailey!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

What a proud momma you are! Loved reading about the track meet. My daughter does cross country, track and swimming. They sure do keep you busy!