Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prizes and Surprises

Dan and I went to an auction about 2 weeks ago. Loads of fun! I haven't been to an auction for ..oh... 8 or so years?!? In this case it was because he was was selling a bunch of stuff - so we had to stay for the whole day! That was a LONG day! LOL
But.... even though i went in there with only the intention to watch, and not buy, i did cave on 2 small items! One was a box of old textiles, linens, tea towels and a big chunk of paisley was in there!! How could I pass that up?? Now i don't know enough about paisley to know which kind is which, and what is worth what. I just know i like to hook with it, thanks to Cynthia Norwood! :) I spose i ought to ask her if this is "the right kind" ? (only paid $7 for that box of goodies)
And then this awful 60's velour broken stool. LOL
Yes people I bought this, and consider it a PRIZE!! LOL
No.. it has no antique value, to anyone else it looks like trash to be thrown away. haha and i have been scouring garage sales for almost 2 years trying to find one similar! At a garage sale i was prepared to pay.. mm.. $2 - maybe up to $5 ! LOL Yes, i'm cheap, especially when garage saling!
But NOT finding one for this long, and then seeing one at the auction - the value of it to me had gone up! haha... i cannot believe i paid $15 for this broken little thing!! But I am still glad i did, and don't regret it one bit. So there! :) I am going to hook a little rug to recover it with, and redo the base, and then it will be my hooking stool. Yeehaw! I desperately need one to prop my feet up on when hooking on my couch. I'm short. Couch sinks in. Feet swingin in the breeze. Not good for my back, this was a NEED people!!
My friend Kelley and i did a swap a while ago that benefitted both of us. I sent her wools, and she was going to send me the new Maggie Bonanomi book. :) So I was expecting that in the mail. So when a bigger box showed up, from Kelley I was confused at first. You don't need a big ole box for a book! LOL
So imagine my surprise when i opened it up, and saw something else wrapped in there! As I unwrapped it... oh heart be still!! This darling darling quilt emerged!! This is the sweetest little quilt! I fell in love immediately! Little 2" squares, all handsewn and quilted, in an array of homespuns and calicos, and best of all - lots of RED!! :)

I was soo touched! I have been smiling since it arrived! I think you can click on the pic to make it a little bigger. Isn't it gorgeous?!!?!

Right now I have it on my kitchen table, but I don't think it will stay there very long. The sun shines in and hits about a 5th of the length, and I don't want it to bleach out! But there are many different places in my house that this preceious little gem can reside as the colors are just perfect! I think next it will travel to my living room, over the back of a chair, and then maybe on the little antique table... the possibilities are endless!

Thank you again Kelley!! I love love love it!!! :)

Hope you all are enjoying the beginnings of fall!

Blessings, Bren :)


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...good deals! Even $15 for that stool, which I know will be darling when you've finished it. Are you going to paint the wood on it? What fun! And, that quilted table runner from is LOVELY!!!

WoolenSails said...

Isn't fun to thrift hunt, I love it when I find treasures for the house. Love the quilt Kelley made for you, she does such beautiful work, it is a treasure.


Trudy said...

What great deals you got; can't wait to see how your stool turns out!

I love the quilt runner the Kelley made for you, something that you will treasure forever.