Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Baby Has Flown...

Well my baby has flown away. :( My constant companion of 18 years... all the trials, endurance, patience, discipline, understanding, arguments, guidance, teaching, hope and love has "paid off". Yes... it's paid off, in that I KNOW he will do great, out in the big bad world. He has great morals, and a great head on his shoulders. He's extremely intelligent, and extremely funny. He knows respect, honesty, and God. And this is just the jumping off point for him. There are sooo many great things to come!!!! I am SO excited for him!!! So.... why am I so sad? I know in my heart this was the right thing for him to do. He made the right choices of those in front of him!! And I know there will be many more for him to make! Maybe.... maybe it's just because I know that under all that "man hair" (that he's sooo proud that he can now grow! lol) is still the little boy that is nervous, and scared, and unsure of himself. One that I still want to protect. He is my first born. My baby. And yup... i'm still adjusting! He left on the 9th. It's only been 6 days. I will adjust into it... right? It's just so different than them living across town.. or even a state or three away. I know that we would SEE each other occasionally. With him being in the Virgin Islands... that probably won't be happening much. And definitely not often. So... yah.. kinda sad still. :( I was trying to take a few snapshots of him the day before he left. We were sitting here in the office dorkin around, making jokes, being serious, and both just kind of in a state of anxiety about him leaving. Well - #1 he HATES having his picture taken. (gee... wonder where he gets that from??) #2 - he ALWAYS makes dorky faces at the camera instead of just being real.. or even a cheesy real smile! #3 -he normally finds a book or paper or furniture to hide behind when i have a camera in my hand! LOL But this day... i had him cornered.. literally. And when he would make a dorky face, and i would see a real smile in there, i'd snap the camera - that takes wayyy too bloody long to actually TAKE the darn photo!! lol So he would hear it click and then change his face! grrrr! So since he gave me such a hard time, i think it's only fair to share some of the many faces of Gavin with you! (and noo please let's not talk about the fu-man-chu beard.. k? He's not a total punk like it makes him look! LOL! But HE thinks it's THE BOMB!! sigh... he'll figure it out after he's rejected for 2 or 3 jobs.. hmm... mebbe 4 ?) The first picture on the pile is Gavin when he was 6 years old and sooo proud to be in school! And yes... I do still see him that way sometimes! :(
Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day! And please continue to pray for those in Texas facing the devesation of hurrican Ike!!!


Tammy said...

Think of him just starting a new adventure and your role just changed. Now you are his home base!
You have done a wonderful job & now he will show the world what you taught him!
Blessings 2 U Friend

Brenis said...

Oh Tammy thank you!! :)
Home base is the perfect way to think of it!
Ya know, it didn't bother me until after he left! LOL And then it was just kind of a piece of ME was missing! I know i'll adjust, as i am so happy for him - it's a no brainer! :) But i love the "home base" mentality - it's perfect! xoxo