Thursday, July 10, 2008


Definitely not "exciting" pics... but Jacque said i need to post them! LOL
This is this morning... before we started painting. And working around that honker washer/dryer is tough in such a small space!
The drop down folding table will be put in last, and we will be putting matching beadboard inside the cubby, so when it's open, it looks good too. :) You can kind of see the texture here... and the color i chose.
Well after looking at that patch of yellow for over a day, i decided it was way to bright. I DO want a bright sunny yellow in there with bright crisp white trim.. but this was bordering on school bus yellow! LOL So i chose a more creamy mellow version... still sunny and happy though! You'll see tomorrow!
We just got done painting the ceiling and cutting in the trim, painted the chair rails and seam rails, still need to do the foot boards... but that probably won't happen today. We are currently waiting to make sure the trim work is dry before starting on the yellow. Emily is being a great help!!! So in the mean time, we are scraping all the drywall mud off the floors. ugh! That stuff is like cement! The new floor is going right over this one, so we do actually have to do it. I thought about ripping out the linolium... might be easier! LOL But Danny said no. So a scrapin we are!
That's it for now. Very very soon this will start looking like we've actually accomplished something! haha!! Considering i've been working on it 6-7 hours a day, ya sure couldn't tell at this point, can you? :P
Soon! Berry soon!!

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Jacque said...

Hey Bren...thanks for the photos.'s looking good! I know it's a lot of work, though. Glad you changed your mind about that would be awfully bright!!! Keep up the good work.