Friday, July 11, 2008

Too much of a good thing?

So the creamy "mellow yellow" that i chose yesterday... looked great going on... and was definitely much more mellow than the other yellow!

We painted our hearts out yesterday...

even cut in the trim at the top (my least favorite part of painting)

got the chair rails painted.. and all the trim work done except for the baseboards and one other thing.

And in my head it looks awesome! LOL

In reality.....

I'm starting to question if this is too small of a space to do this in... and if it's too much of a good thing? (ie yellow) ???

But yes... even with all that yellow, i am still waffling back and forth!

Because the balance isn't IN yet! It will all be balanced out with a bunch of white!

That one big wall will have wainscoting of white beadboard, with white foot board and chair rail all the way down the wall. The washer dryer is white, as is the toilet and sink, and the vanity will be white, and we are painting the "medicine" cabinet and towel holder white - which will be on the opposite wall. And an antique 4 foot cabinet will go next to the washer, and it's a creamy old white.

In essence EVERYTHING else will be white!! (except the vanity countertop.. it will be the "black sheep" - literally. lol But i can't afford to get a new counter right now!)

Can ya see it?

Will it balance?

Or will that yellow take over everything and overwhelm?

Sitting here questioning myself now. Asking myself those questions!! Wondering if i need to repaint before pulling down the tape and coverings!

But in my gut i think it will work. In my mind's eye it works well.


Ok... so we ran into one small little problem yesterday! How does one paint behind a toilet tank? It doesn't even have an inch of space back there!!!? I ended up calling one of Dan's friends... HELP?! ... he said "just yank the toilet!" and told me how to do it. Ok then! I was all ready to tackle that this morning. LOL But i texted my honey last night and let him know his buddy was going to come over and help me put it back on and all that good stuff.

Well i got an IMMEDIATE call from Dan after sending that text!! He was more than a bit irritated. LOL Vehement is a good word. Saying "DO NOT - WHATEVER YOU DO - DO NOT PULL THAT TOILET!!! It's a miserable experience trying to get it back on level, and it's FINE right now!" Ok honey.
He said there is a way to take the tank off. And do that instead! Wow. Okeedokee! So i will be attempting to take the tank off today. haha! Praying i don't screw this up!!!

I had left a big white space down where the bead board will go, and I let Calli and her friend Taryn go to town painting. :D They loved every minute of it!! LOL!! Look at those faces!!! Need i say they both had more paint on them, than the wall by the time they were done?? :)


Jacque said...

Hey Bren...I'm no wiz at this, but I think that the yellow and white will look great! Now, just add another color or two to balance it and your countertop won't look so 'here I am'. I think. hahaha.

Thanks so much for the photos.

Mary said...

Hey Bren-

I like it. I agree with Jacque that once you get your white in, it will be fine! Looks like a bright sunny morning. And I LOVED your toilet dilemma. We redid our bathroom about 4 years ago and it's still not been painted behind the toilet. I just asked my husband if he knew how to take the tank off and he said yes! My question is why haven't we done that in the past 4 years. Maybe it will get done in the next 4!!!!

Miccosukee said...

I agree with the others about the colors, but what the heck, you know my track record on color planning!! LOL No wonder you said you had been busy painting, this was a little bit more than I imagined.

What I have trouble understanding is how your brood and all your dyeing hasn't killed that stacked washer and dryer yet? That is something that a single person like me should be using instead of the very large capacity washer and dryer I have right now. Most of my loads are barely mediums.

good luck,

PS thanks for the advice.

Brenis said...

LOL Mary!! :D
Too funny! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one that got stuck there! And because of the huge color change i didn't think i could leave it. Want to know something funny? once i had the tank off there were three other colors back there from people probably "sliding" their brushes in the crevice trying to paint inward as much as possible!! LOL!

Getting the tank off is not hard at all. There are two big bolts that hold it in place. Turn off your water to the toilet and then flush the toilet. Go in thru the tank and unscrew those big screws.. reach under and hold the nut as you do it. Have a towel draped under the back of the tank!! I couldn't figure out how to dissasemble the pump line, so i just moved the tank to the side of the floor :)
Now... putting it back on is another matter entirely! LOL Painting took 4 or 5 minutes. I waited 15 for it to semi dry. Then went to put the tank back on. LOL Apparently we have a small running "leak" in our line. So kept having to bail out wate out of the tank and into a bucket.. and when putting it back on couldn't get those bolts on tight enough by myself to keep it from dripping!!! So an extra pair of hands and eyes helps WONDERS! haha good luck getting it done in the next 4 years! :D
xo Bren