Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Doing "that" thing...

Well it occured to me yesterday that i am in the throes of doing "that thing i do" ! LOLSee what i mean about how it kind of sneaks up on me?Granted, I didn't have a CHOICE about this project, like so many others! But i did have a choice about how involved to get, when there are so many other things on my plate!

Oh well! I'm thoroughly enjoying this one!I sanded the other day - woah talk about a HUGE MESS and massive dust cloud!! haha you could barely see to the other end of the bathroom! Then we mudded a second time and sanded a second time - second sanding wasn't as bad because we had learned soo many valuable lessons the first time around! Ha! :) Then i got everything taped off, and covered in plastic - including our stackable washer dryer wrapped in plastic wrap! (lol that was an interesting job!) the toilet, the mirror.. you get the drift.

Then Dan and a buddy came in and proceeded to try their hand at texturing!! Ho boy!! LOL!!There were globs everywhere! it was wild!! We went thru later and knocked it down a bit flatter, and it dried last night - looks pretty cool!!Granted... if we had a clue... or we had hired someone i would have asked for less texture! :)

But considering it was our first time we didn't do too badly!Today i am going to prime the walls, and start painting the beadboard and chair rail and stuff. Hopefully tomorrow i will be able to roll on the color.I'm taking my honey to the airport this morning, i'm really going to miss him!! But i know he'll have a great time and come back so refreshed and full of the Holy Spirit!! So very excited for him! Calli is at VBS this week. I was supposed to take part in it as well. But because of a mix up in communication i never heard from the church! I was kinda bummed.. but God knew what was going to be happening this week, so i guess this all fell into line the right way!

Hopefully will be posting pics by tomorrow. Snot much room for anything else this week in my life... so hopefully i'm not boring you to tears with this! :)

Bright blessings, Bren :)

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Jacque said...

Hey Bren...I sure hope you're taking pictures of your progress on this remodel!

You didn't say where Dan was's too exciting not to share with everyone.

Have sure to rest.