Friday, May 2, 2008

Van done!

Yay! my van is done being fixed!! I get to go pick it up this morning! woohoo!!
It was the starter. Apparently it engaged and never DISengaged, and caught fire, consequently frying out all the wiring along with it. :(
And for the unbelievably cheap price of $$$$$$ i can go get it today!

I tried to hook yesterday. Depserately wanted to hook on my BHR, so started on one of the borders. I got about 14" x 8 inches hooked.. took it off the frame and .. NOPE!!! It's gotta come out! Which would be fine.. if i knew WHAT exactly i was going to do with it! But what i just hooked isn't working. Donchya hate that? So i sat and stared at it last night. Unfortunately that didn't change anything on the rug. LOL But i thought it might jump start seomthing IN ME. Nope. That didn't happen either! LOL!! I was sooo in the mood to hook, and had nothing to hook on! Almost went down and drew out another design to start on! But since i have TWO sitting here unfinished, i just couldn't allow myself to do it. Granted, one is a "year long" project. And the other i am completely stuck on, and it will require a few hours of playing in the wool in the broad day light (so i can see actual colors) so unless i start a new one, i will have nothing to hook on. But unless i finish that new one in the next two weeks, i will be starting a long runner with Jayne Hester as my teacher. haha.. see my conundrum?
Do you think my "need to create" has anything to do with my stress level right now? hahaha. It is after all "that thing i do" ! :D

Calli is turning 6 next fridaythe 9th.. and i am trying to plan a birthday party for her with 13 kids.
Gavin is graduating on the 15th. My camp starts on the 15th running thru the 18th. Planning dinner parties, presents, and the calendar for this month has got me a bit tense. Emily's bball tournaments are on the 10th. We have to have their summer camp funds in by the 11th. They are out of school on the 21st, and grama is having knee surgery on the 27th.
Trying to get at least ONE thing finished and under my belt so i can move onto the next one!
Good news is i DID get my windows washed!! LOL!
Ooh and i made blueberry muffins last night for breakfast this morning. Kids were thrilled!
Hope you have a blessed day, and can keep your sense of humor thru the rough parts! :D


Gayle said...

Bren - If you're starting on the borders, does that mean the center section of your BHR is all done? Wow! I'm impressed! (and wish I was that far along too)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I remember when you were announcing that Calli was turning 5! That year just flew by! Glad you got your Mommy van back. Your upcoming schedule is a plate full. Take a deep breathe and just go with the flow.

Miccosukee said...

Be happy you are going off to camp. Some people didn't get the chance this year and instead will be having some medical procedures that week.

Besides, you get only as much as you can handle. So handle it!